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Queen of Hearts ( Book #1) by Colleen Oakes

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A very promising beginning to a very addictive series featuring Dinah, the future Queen of Hearts immortalized by Lewis Carroll's imagination in Alice in Wonderland.

What can I say about this book without giving any sort of spoilers?

This is the story of a princess who doesn't live a fairy tale. She lives in a fairy tale scenario. But her life mostly resembles a nightmare.

This is the story of the princess destined to be Queen, alongside her father, _ the King _ upon the occasion of her eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately things won't be that linear...

There are dangers and enemies all around her, being Cheshire _the king adviser _ the most dangerous of them. ( But in this story, he is not a cat...)

If it wasn't for a few servants, a single friend and her brother, Charles, the Mad Hatter, she wouldn't have anyone.
Forced to control and disguise what she thinks and feels, Dinah lives a life of constant fear.

Let me tell you about the writing...

It flows in such a smooth way that, if you have the time, you'll probably end up reading it in one single flow!
I know it! Because I kept counting the minutes until I could return to this cruel, but even so, addictive world!!

Through a span of years, we see how the naive girl_ of the beginning of the story_ will turn out into a fierce woman ready to do what is needed, for the sake of her kingdom.
I absolutely ended up loving Dinah. And I honestly wasn't expecting it!
I loved to see her transformation into a responsible woman. Although we can already see how everything that she goes through is already leaving a mark on her mind...

I honestly don't even know if this book can be seen as young adult. There are so many horrific details in the story, that after a while I wasn't even sure if I was still reading a YA retelling.
More like a Game of Thrones meets Wonderland, retelling!

For those of you who may be wondering about the existence, or not, of a romance (lol)... well, not really...
Dinah does think herself in love with someone... but I don't know _ and honestly, I couldn't care less! Because that's such a small part of the story, when so many things are happening!

Heads are literally being cut! There's a horrific building in which people are being tortured! Dinah is fighting for her life!!
I'm so glad that the romance isn't a big part of this.

Now I'll just have to wait and see/read what is going to happen next!!
Hopefully the waiting for "Wendy Darling" (the second book) won't take too much time!!
Please, don't let it take too long !! O_O

So, do give this a try!! Apparently it's going to be released on Valentine's day. So if you don't know what to get to your *book obsessed* love of your life, here's a suggestion!! ;)

Myself, I'll continue searching for a place to buy (pre-order) this!!!
This better appear for sale on a place where I can buy it!!

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  1. Thanks for the FABULOUS review and letting me visit your fun blog!

  2. You're welcome! I tried to be as honest as possible, and i'm really looking forward in continue reading the series.
    Please stop by anytime you like! ;)


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