Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Mysterious Madam Morpho by Delilah S. Dawson

Okay, this novella is set in the quirky "Blud" world, that the author created in Wicked as They Come. But unlike that one, this is basically a romance. A paranormal romance with some steampunk traits.
We have the circus, the carnivalleros, Criminy and Tish, but in this one, the short length of the novella didn't allow for the character development that the two main characters in this book definitely needed.

Then there wasn't that sense of wonder, that I got while reading that first book.
And honestly, insta love is not a favorite of mine, especially when I'm reading adult fiction.
Then _ call me bitter _ but portraying the female character as having had such a unhappy background as the one that Imogen had, and expecting one to believe in the way she responds towards Henry _even in fantasy _ it's a little too much.
She was emotionally neglected by her father, in College she had to endure her colleagues' prejudice, hatred and even attacks on her person, and then as if that wasn't enough, she was treated like a slave and raped by one of her professors.

Now, I thought it was peculiar that this expression wasn't used, since she was an educated _woman_ scientist.

The first time he had caught her and used her, she had found a quiet corner of the museum’s cellar vault and sobbed her heart out into a handkerchief. After that, she had steeled herself to be just as remote and aloof, to consider it a duty and the fine line between her and a life of begging on the streets, a fallen woman.

“He was my professor and my employer and my landlord, and I took him as a lover. Or perhaps I should say that he used me as such."

As to the also mysterious Mr. Murdock, he also has his own peculiarities. He hasn't left his trailer in six years... not due to some social problem, but due to another issue...
But, if you want to play that, as that... well having to leave his house, after six years of seclusion would and should be more problematic than it actually was.

Basically I feel that this tried to be too much, or "in many places at once", but pretty much failed.
Or at least, it failed for me.
Even so, I will still give the following books a try!

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