Tuesday, 18 February 2014

And Don't Forget That...

Alice Hoffman's new book "The Museum of Extraordinary Things" was released today!!

Which edition do you prefer?
The Hardback ( up above) or (below) the paperback?

I was checking on BD, and apparently there is quite a number of editions! The HB one will also be released on paperback, and the same will be true regarding the paperback one (which is currently unavailable o_O)

But covers aside, I'm reading an ARC of this story, and I am really enjoying it!
The story majorly takes place in the beginning of the twentieth century, and follows the path of two  very different characters. It mixes the author's trademark magical realism with heartbreaking retellings of things that actually happened at the time...
I'll be posting my review of it once I finish it.

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