Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hidden Magic (The Dragon Lord #1) by Melanie Crouse

ARC provided by Boekweg Books through Netgalley

DNF at 16%

I can't even write a decent review about this book because it lacked cohesion, sense, a discernible plot, developed characters, or any attempt to connect with the reader and make the reader understand the story.

So I'm just going to write down my reactions as I read it:

"Royal but unheralded
Ancient but not old
Hidden without magic
Passionate but Ice Cold
Only the lost can be ruler
Only one who is gone knows the price
Only found when you are not seeking
The caged one will be hunted twice.
These stones--
they will fall.
They cannot protect you.
When humans hammer on the door
The Dragon Lord and his Guard will let them in.
--These words were carved on the Port William’s wall
by Wilmur Marlion, on the day he took the Stones of Power"
Who sets out to steal some Stones of Power and is like, "Hold up a sec, I'm just going to carve this sweet poem on the wall, real quick."
"Male dravani love beautiful women, and the gypsy dravani aren’t exactly known for being trustworthy."
Oh. My. God. You are not supposed to use the "g word" when referring to Roma or Romani people... Especially in conjunction with such a racist statement. Come on, now, it's 2014.

"dishwater blonde curls"

Infodump but... without actually saying anything that makes sense...

5% in and this is so confusing!!

They were just in a faux-medieval (I guess?) world, now they're in the real world, what is happening?!
He laughed, but she was serious. Mariah and Nico had invited them back for their wedding the next day. “No, I mean the gypsy wedding. How many humans get invited to one of those? We’ve got to go. It’s a once in a lifetime chance.”
Did the author forget to write this in the book, or... because I went back and it never happened?

Arram (who?), the potential Dragon Lord (what is a Dragon Lord?) is in a band. Of course, he is...

Earth, Nazdravan, Seelie, Kierika... where are these places in relation to each other? I'm assuming Seelie and Kierika are in Nazdravan, and apparently I was right since it was mentioned later on, but these things need to be explicit in the text as soon as they show up. Readers need solid world building, not this mess.
“What are you talking about?” he asked finally.
My thoughts exactly, Arram.

So many relationship talks! "I love you", "I love you, too", "We didn't work out", + 5 pages of feelings. And I'm like, "Who are these people?"

More new people!! We don't even have a grasp on the people who are already in the book!

This is all so incredibly frustrating!
Please, if you're writing a book, introduce your characters, give us something of their background! You can develop them throughout the story, but we need to know the basics as soon as they show up.
Describe the settings! If people can go from Earth to another place, tells us HOW, and WHY, and WHEN it started.
Describe the society in a cohesive, sensible way, don't just throw out tidbits without explaining anything.

All of these things may all be set in stone in the author's mind, but the readers cannot guess at this stuff! All I'm doing right now is reading conversations between people of whom I know little more than their names - boring conversations at that! I'm just about ready to give up on this book!

Oh great, insta-love.
"His eyes--she didn’t dare look at them close enough to figure out what color they were. They were too mesmerizing."
Please... don't.

Her mother lost her mind because they moved to a summer home? And they expect her to go back to being sane when they move back? WHAT.
"I used to daydream about how nice it would be to love somebody so much that your brain had to keep imagining them after they’d died."
No, shut it down. I'm officially done with this book!

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