Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Re-read time

Okay, so a couple days back here I was here complaining (also known as whining, lol) that I still hadn't received my copies of Marissa Meyer's "Cress", and Veronica Rossi "Into the Still Blue".

I'm happy to inform that both of them are already in my possession ;)

Now, the only thing that is missing is for me to read and review them!
Of course that means that I will have to re-read the previous two... of each series o_O...because I'm complicated like that? ;)
And yes, they are totally worth the re-read!

Here they are: I have the portuguese edition of Cinder. Scarlet (which isn't here) I have it in the same format as Cress

Regarding Veronica Rossi's series, as you can see I have the Atom editions. The first one doesn't have much to do with the following two... but even so I like it! I especially like the purple that was used on the cover of "Into The Still Blue". 
So here you have them. Some of my next reads, once I finish "The Museum Of Extraordinary Things", the story by Alice Hoffman that I'm currently reading.

Oh, and FYI, it's going along pretty well!! :)

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