Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Book Of Atrix Wolfe by Patricia A. Mckillip

A bittersweet story about magical actions and their direst consequences.

This is the story of Atrix Wolfe, a mage original from Chaumenard, but who now lives amongst wolves.

One day he starts having dreams.
Those dreams make him travel to the realm of Pellucir, where he finds the castle under siege by the ruler of Kardeth.

Everywhere he looks there's devastation.

Death, famine. and scavengers surround the kingdom.
Being faced with such a despairing vision, Atrix decides to take matters into his own hands...

He decides to create a Hunter out of death, to destroy death.

In a green wood on a hill, the Queen of the Woods watches her consort and their child Sora.

On the night that the Hunter is created, someone stops to listen to the words of a Wolf...

That someone will be turned into the Hunter, a being of legends and terror.

 On that night, the child Sora, daughter of the Queen of  the Woods disappears

Twenty years later, a young prince finds a book without a name.

 The book contains strange spells, in which the words don't signify what they should mean.

 Words with enough power to summon the Hunter.

Twenty years later Atrix is once again confronted with the results of his actions.
This time Atrix will have to protect a prince, discover a lost girl, and come face to face with his worst mistake.

Patricia A. Mckillip writing is like a never ending melody of perfection.

She creates the most lyrical scenes that I've ever read in my life.

In truth, if you want to read stories in which the words grab hold of your heart, this is the author to read.

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