Friday, 7 February 2014

The Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz

What possessed me to read this book?
Well, a couple of years back I saw a few episodes of a series called Foyle's War.
The screenwriter was (is) Horowitz.
I was so impressed with it that I took advantage of a huge promotion to buy this book!
I now understand why it, and the following books, are on sale at such low prices...

Imagine a mesh of all the fantasy and horror clichés you've ever read or heard about... yes?
That's what Raven's Gate is.

Characters with no depth. A story less than original and written without the slightest finesse. The words and (basic) descriptions are just dumped on the page.
Basically this reads as a draft, or a screenplay (I imagine...).
Ideas perpetuated within this book: Witches are evil. Witchcraft is the same as Satanism...
He probably never heard of Wicca...

Oh, and reaching the end there's this pearl:

"The medieval witch splits throats. 
The twenty-first century witch splits atoms. 
Tonight we shall do both.”

Idiot me. My idea was that women who were considered witches in medieval times were slaughtered by a number of methods: Fire, drowning...
Oh, and is the author calling women scientists witches? O_O

Here's an excerpt of an interview that the author gave to Teenreads:

TRC: You've stated that The Gatekeepers series is your answer to NarniaLord of the Rings and other fantasy heavyweights. How much have these other works inspired you?
AH: I loved these books when I was growing up and always wanted to write an epic fantasy series...but one set in the real world. There are elements of Tolkien and C. S. Lewis in The Gatekeepers, perhaps because I'm using some of the same sources (mythology, religion, ancient history). Writing battle scenes, it's very hard to do better than Tolkien --- particularly with Peter Jackson's wonderful films in mind.
"better than Tolkien"... right... NO!! 
Read more here: Teenreads

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