Monday, 24 February 2014

We Both Go Down Together (0.8 Incryptid series) by Seanan Mcguire

As most of you know, I love the author's writing style, as well as the amazing world building that she creates!

Her October Daye series is at this time my favourite urban fantasy series; and her Incryptid series is also on my list of books to be immediately bought upon release.
Although _ I admit _ the cover of Discount Armageddon (the first of the series), was responsible for me not immediately buying it... O_O

In it, we have Verity in all her ballroom dance attire... splendour. 
Her pink splendour!
But do not let yourself be swayed by the cover! As I initially was!
The girl can kick ass as well as dance a Tango!
And then there's the Aeslin Mice.

NO ONE should go through life without meeting the fantastical, whimsical, (and loud)  and devoted Aeslin Mice!

Having said that, ( also known as fangirling a LOT) I'll now pass to this 33 page novella.

This is the eighth (just in case you were distracted ;) ) prequel novella that takes place in the Incryptid world
All of them (okay, I can't talk about the first one because I still haven't read it), I mean most of them, are incredible good for such a short amount of pages!!
They have adventure,  romance, sense of humour, danger, and occasionally heartbreaking situations.
A precious insight into the Price's family tree.

"Flower of Arizona (Incryptid  #0.1)" appears in "Westward Weird Anthology"

One Hell Of A Ride (Incryptid 0.2)

No Place Like Home (Incryptid 0.3)

Married in Green (Incryptid 0.4)

Sweet Poison Wine (Incryptid 0.5)

The First Fall (Incryptid 0.6)

Loch and Key (Incryptid 0.7)

Only thing that is missing to better appreciate this series, would be seeing them all together in a single book!
Preferably in paperback format ;)
I would most definitely buy it!!


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