Friday, 28 March 2014

My Lady, My Lord by Katharine Ashe

This was such a pleasure to read!

A captivating historical romance with an unexpected twist _ which of course I am not going to reveal! Because ~surprise!~ _ that had me turning the pages as fast as I could!

Unfortunately, life, and unexpected troll activity kept getting in the way of my reading time!
Evil trolls... you... begone!

But, nothing, and I mean NOTHING could possibly diminish my pleasure while reading this.

In this story, our main characters, Ian Chance and Corinna Mowbray, long time enemies _ and I mean enemies in the truest sense of the word! _ will have to face an unexpected challenge when something out of the ordinary happens in their lives.

This event was so cleverly done! (you'll just going to have to take my word for it, until you read it ^_^) 
And it was done in such a perfect, seamless way! 
I can't be more explicit about it, because experiencing this first hand _ or even second hand_ is half the fun.

Let me just say, that Ian and Corinna were well up to the task, and provided me with quite a number of hilarious moments. But it was never done in an over the top way. 
Everything was done in the right measure... except for the passionate moments. Those were... wow! ;)

All in all, an engrossing, captivating story with intelligent characters (okay, so maybe there was one too many obtuse moments between them towards the end. But, as someone said: Love is blind and stupid.) that managed to leave me completely head over heels for this romance.

The secondary characters also shone in this tale, and I'm looking forward to seeing them once again.

Definitely recommended to readers who like the "romantic part" of their historical romances to walk hand in hand with an interesting plot and characters who just feel real enough to hug or even to scream at:


After this, I can't wait to discover more books from this author.

And to spike your appetite, here's a little excerpt from a "dialogue" between the two main characters:

THE HAIR AT THE BACK OF CORINNA’S neck bristled. She turned her shoulder to him. “Why don’t you go crawl back under the rock you were born beneath, my lord?”

“Because it seems you are currently using it to wash your clothing upon,” he drawled. “It can be the only explanation for the constantly dismal hue of your gowns.”

See??? I told you so!

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