Thursday, 6 March 2014

Through The Smoke by Brenda Novak

DNF at 23%

Okay... currently there's a vast number of things bad to one's health.
Drinking, smoking, too much sugar, too much fat... ridiculous plots and characters! o_O

In a time in which there are rumours of authors planning to sue reviewers for negative reviews (freedom of speech, anyone? And, can I just say mental institutions!), what about the readers/reviewers health? Oh, yes...
What is good for the goose is good for the gander...
Of course we would be entering the most silly dystopia ever created, but "hey"!
You guys started it!
 All this crazy logic is  meant to show that it isn't only writers who suffer. The same thing happens to readers.
For instance, me while reading this book:
_I had brain cells who committed suicide... I could hear them screaming!!
_Shortness of breath due to the stupidity involved...
_Headache, because... honestly? Who calls this historical romance?

Imagine a soap opera...
Silly plots, silly characters...
Now dress those characters in nineteenth century clothes, and claim that they're supposed to be an homage to Jane Eyre... or I don't know, Elizabeth Gaskell's "North and South"... because there are some talks about the Industrial Revolution.
Oh, my God! I know that I sound like a book snob! Which I ain't!! Trust me!

But this was really, really bad!!
I don't expect authors to write historical romances while getting all the details of a period right. But this one had some ludicrous moments!

There's the fact that Truman (ugh) is apparently running against time, trying to find out what happened on the day his wife was murdered.
Was it him? He doesn't know (See, this tinny bit of plot was good!!).
Who was it?
He was angry with her because she's was deceiving him with another one..but could he have killed her?

But he mainly conducts his investigation because he's afraid of his dead wife's parents, who threaten him with justice...
What JUSTICE? He's a peer of the realm. He's practically above justice.
The probability of him being accused by the House of Peers, with such circumstantial evidences would be very remote. 
Then if he wanted, he had an ace against them. You see, he suspects that his wife killed their infant son of six months old! I'm guessing that this would be the kind of thing people wouldn't want to get out....

Regarding Rachel....*facepalm*..well she's one of those special snowflakes that abound in today's literature:

She had always been different. While the other miners’ daughters had cooked and cleaned or worked in the mine, she’d had her nose in a book. Instead of plying her needle, she was teaching herself French or penmanship. Instead of gossiping with the village girls, she was gossiped about.

There's a STRONG difference between maturity and stupidity.
Guess in which one, Rachel, our main character fits? o_O

Knowing the truth about something, and not telling it because of ~ high morals and stuff~ doesn't cut it.
Especially when she's always behaving like a stupid, reckless, spoiled brat!!

For instance, in the beginning of the story her mother is dying, and they don't have the resources for a proper doctor. So when Truman offers to help her with that, if she just told him the truth about something. She refuses!
And then waits until her mother is almost dead to reconsider....

Oh, and she "loves to walk" _ i don't remember how many miles _ in the dark, all alone. Isn't  this just unbelievable _______.
Yes, the word begins with an S!

Then there's the villain!
Play violins!!
Who upon threatening our courageous, quirky (also known as reckless and stupid... which doesn't go hand in hand with our brilliant snowflake who is so smart!) heroine, finds her fainted (she ran away from him in the dark. Took a  fall from the horse and fainted), and what does he do?
Rapes her as he threatened?
Or option B:
Undresses her (to save his cousin the hard work) and  places her in our brooding hero's bed.
The villain went with option B.

Here's how things must have gone in Truman's head:
Uh, Rachel in my bed, naked?
Rachel who hates me, in my bed, naked?
Of course she never really woke up because, head trauma and _drugs, she says _ dreams, and... because this is just silly, stupid, corny, and gives another description to rape!

He’s beautiful, she thought.
But he was no dream. She didn’t know how it had happened. At this point, she couldn’t even guess. But she was in the earl’s large, soft bed.
And he had just taken her virginity.
That night Truman didn’t dream. Once he was able to coax Rachel into letting him touch her again, he’d obtained one of the most powerful climaxes he’d ever experienced, and then he’d slept like the dead—comfortable, relaxed, content at last.

Ugh, I'm done!

The only reason this doesn't get a lower rating, is due to the fact that I only read about twenty percent of it.

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