Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bed Of Roses (Bride Quartet #2) by Nora Roberts

After Mac and Carter's story in Vision In White, here is Emma and Jack's story.

Here I was in the mood to read some friends to lovers romance, so I decided to pick this one up.

I love Nora Roberts writing style. Yes, sometimes some of her characters  feel like a re-enactment of previous ones (although I can't remember a character as annoying as Emma), but the characterization is so good, and the way the author writes a story so appealing, that I keep buying, reading and basically hoarding most of her books.

This one...

Well, let's say that when it comes to actual romances, Roberts has done it better.

There's quite a lot of trilogies that I could name here, trilogies that left me eagerly anticipating the next book in a series.
Trilogies such as: Irish trilogy, Born trilogy, Dream trilogy (well the second and the third volumes of the same), Three Sisters Island... most of them had beautiful romances.

Unfortunately her latest books haven't been as good as those first ones.

This one... honestly, I didn't feel the romance in it.
Emma is this super hyper Mary Sue, who is always perfect, in everything, and honestly... she got on my nerves!
Jack, on the other hand was just too bland. We only got a little of his backstory towards the end.

Apparently these two have been lusting after one another for ages, but mix-ups and friendship have kept them apart.
The thing is, this only works if there had been some sense of growing tension or attraction between them. And I honestly don't remember anything of the sort in the previous book. So... one day they were friends, the next one they were thinking about sleeping together... after one, two kisses?
Of course they were Amazing kisses (lol)...

Emma is characterized as this upper, super, romantic girl....she wants dances under moonlight, and candles, and flowers, and... blah, blah, blah...
She likes her props... says the cynical one.

Jack has a phobia of commitment, of which Emma is aware... but after three months of dating she decides she wants the whole package: marriage, kids, HEA.
So what does she do?
Well, she basically ambushes the guy... in his kitchen, in his house, for which he hadn't given her a key.
She throws a fit, because he's not in the same wave as she is... and what happens next, basically dealt the killing blow to this romance for me.
It was ridiculous, it was childish, and if Jack had an ounce of intelligence he would have just run as fast as he could.
Only recommended to Roberts' hardcore fans... really hardcore fans... because I'm normally a hardcore fan...

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  1. I have yet to read a book by Nora Roberts, I know oops. But I haven't really had the time to...and you know excuses. But no really, this series of hers looks fantastic

  2. LOL Don't worry, you're not the only one!
    And just looking at the vast number of titles the author has, and deciding what to read..I imagine it can daunting ;)
    I've lost count to the number of books by the author I've read, because I used to read them as soon as they were translated _and back then there wasn't a lot of variety. Now I don't need translated books, and there's so many "yummy" things to start reading, that NR's books aren't as prioritized as before.
    But if you ever decide to try one of her series, i would definitely recommend one of her other trilogies: Irish, Born, Island of The Three Sisters...
    Then if you'd prefer a romantic thriller, (and an individual book), there's one called Carnal Innocence that left me completely confused! So far, it's the only book in which I couldn't figure out who DID IT!! lol
    Homeport is also pretty good and...i'm going to shut up now, before i write a twenty list book!


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