Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Nomad (Swift #2) by R. J. Anderson

So, I've just finished this story, and in the aftermath of this glorious experience, all I can say is basically:
How can I possibly face a world without all of these characters???
Okay, Martin's dramatics may have rubbed off... a tiny bit... on me. BUT it's true. I will miss all of them, as sure as I would miss long time friends.

This is an amazing series that develops contemporary issues, giving them spotlight in these characters' lives. Who cares if they're fairies, sprigans or piskeys?
They feel real. They act real.
In my mind they are real... and they broke my heart while reading this story!

The politics in the Piskey world have taken a turn for the worst.
As we saw in the last book, Ivy was thrown out by her aunt Betony, _the Joan (this title means she gets to give the orders...), _despite having saved them all, but the Piskeys remain in danger.
The place were they have lived their entire lives is poisoned, and they keep dying or growing sick, and their Joan doesn't do anything about it. 

Once again it will be up to Ivy to find a way to go against her aunt's intransigence.
Helping her we have Martin (aka Richard, aka you better not trust me, aka Shakespeare is my life!) and some piskey friends.

Ivy is young, and she feels young while reading this story.
She makes mistakes. She's not a Knife (see book with the same name)... which is good, because this means the author kept her real... to the way she was raised!
This means that mostly she fights with her heart. She fails, and she has to get up, even when she doesn't believe it possible

Martin is the opposite, with a melodramatic vein in him.
He's a jaded, sarcastic, at times impossible to figure out, character!
I love him! Especially in the way he's always there for Ivy.

We follow Ivy's story, and Ivy's path, and all of a sudden, his story, and his past, are right in the middle of it. Good and unexpected twist!

Oh, oh, and the way it ends... ;)  *big Cheshire smile*
Can I just say how much I love this weasel?
Again? ;)

Can't wait to read the follow up!

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