Monday, 28 April 2014

Savour the Moment (Bride Quartet #3) by Nora Roberts

Sometimes we read a book that is not only good, it also turns out to be  perfect for the current mood were in.
That's what happened with this one. A perfect read for a relaxed Saturday afternoon.

I guess by now, there isn't much more I can say about Nora Roberts' writing:
The author definitely knows how to spin a tale. If you've already read some of the author's books, you know what I'm talking about. If not....well, your loss...

So in this story _once again _ we have some smooth, flowing writing, and the rest it's basically up to us readers:
Which are our favourite characters?
With whom do we identify the most? Which pair pulls at our heart strings?
Myself....I liked the first book VISION IN WHITE. There was a little too much talking about weddings _ I KNOW! The SHOCK! lol_ but I loved the main couple. Especially Carter who is such a sweetie.

The second one not so much, mainly because of the last part who derailed a little on the drama department...but I'm happy to report _from the romance front_ that this one was another winner!

In terms of conflict, _at a soap opera level_, don't expect it to happen here (Thank God!).

Nora Roberts knows how to play the dynamics between friends, family and lovers, in such a way, that most of the times, I can't help feeling that I know these people.

This is Laurel's, _ the pastries' chef book and Del, Parker's brother.
There isn't much to say about this story, besides it being a sweet romance.

Myself I loved it, because the romance was the focus of it. And I especially enjoyed it due to the lack of dramatics (other people will say that it was boring, and that it just lacked tension and conflict. As we know, Tastes are Tastes..).

The characters feel real and most importantly, mentally healthy! There's no screamings, and bouts of jealousy going around.
Instead there's just normal people, with normal insecurities trying to make a relationship work.
Then there was also some occasional funny and awe inducing moments.
Like this one:

Feeling foolish, Laurel opened the envelope. You might think this is over, but you’d be wrong. I’ve taken your shoes hostage. Contact me within forty-eight hours, or the Pradas get it.

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