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The Demon Notebook by Erika McGann

For Sale on June 2014

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Directed to young middle graders, The Demon Notebook is an engaging read, full of thrills and adventurous moments, sure to grab its intended audience.

The writing is direct and to the point, and the pacing is crisp enough  to never let sleep get in the way of the reading.

The only thing to point out is that there really isn't a demon notebook in the story.

The girls have a notebook in which they've written their attempted spells, and one night. while playing with a Ouija board (don't do this...), they release a demon who, in turn, possesses one of them, and who, after that, decides to make their spells come true... maybe in a wicked kind of: "Thank you, girls"? 

The destined audience will definitely connect with these teens' problems and with the characters' wish to get even with all of  those who have given them trouble during school.
Seventh grade is a complicated time... as are the years that follow it. *nightmarish*
The author does a good job with the description of problems and wishes that affect kids during that troublesome phase. 
On the positive points, there's girl power and solid friendships galore.

Certain things could benefit from a little more development, such as:
The characters not being very distinguishable from one another, besides their names, and certain physical characteristics.
There could have been more backstory on how their friendship begun.
A little more content regard their relationship with their parents...
The evil demon one could have had... I don't know... dreams, wishes, aspirations that he (lol or she) wished to share with the girls... you know, have more of an active role.

And instead of a young middle grade oriented book, you would have a YA one, lol, sorry.

There's some good ideas in here. Some amusing moments with the spells that the girls made up. For instance, I especially appreciated the: let's get the eight month baby to take take care of herself!

The main adult character in the story _ although a typical stereotype, "the crazy cat lady" _ was also extremely well developed, and interesting enough to read about. I loved her dialogues full of witty and sarcastic charm! lol

An interesting book that takes the: Be careful what you wish for motto at face value.

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