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Three Weeks With Lady X (Desperate Duchesses #7) by Eloisa James

And here it is. The seventh volume of the Desperate Duchesses series, and I'm happy to say that it was just as good as the previous ones! (yes, Jemma and Villiers's books included!)

Tobias (Thorn) Dautry, son of the infamous Duke of Villiers does his father, and his readers proud with his headstrong attitude, careless "devil may care" façade and witty repartee.

Joining him on this adventure, is Lady Xenobia India, a marquess's daughter, who despite having been highborn, had a somewhat, let's say, rocky start in life (Let's say that her parents were downright neglectful) 

As such, and in a manner to conquer her freedom (aka, compensate for her lack of dowry) Lady Xenobia (aided by her Godmother), decided a couple of years back, to take on the job _ better call it an eccentricity, due to the Era _ of house designer.
And you know what?
She's the best.
But now she feels that it's time, due to wanting to be a mother, of finding the right husband.

Thorn on the other hand, having grown up the way he did, and after making himself a very rich man, decided that it is about time to take... a proper wife.
One that is meek, biddable, and someone that unlike his mother _ an opera singer who abandoned him in his father's care _  will never abandon his children.

Of course these two characters, born of such different upbringings, but with a sort of twin dark shadow when it comes to their pasts, are destined to come together.
The question is how... and if there is going to be blood involved...

“First, Eleanor hired me, not you. And second, you are the bastard son of a duke,” Lady Xenobia said bluntly, showing that she had balls, to put it equally bluntly.
“Do you realize that you are the first lady who has ever said the word ‘bastard’ aloud to me?”
She looked him straight in the eye. “The word has more than one meaning.” It seemed she applied at least two of those meanings to him.

I LOVED the beginning and middle of this story!
I love witty banter _ as long as it isn't over abused _ intelligent characters, and that sort of chemistry that just makes me  smile like an idiot, and basically place life on hold:

So, here I was completely entranced in this couple's turbulent courtship (of which they were completely clueless) , thanking the heavens _ also known as the author ;) _ that there wasn't idiocy abound, when the drama began...

You're probably shaking your heads and screaming: You're such an idiot! Don't you know that drama, such as romance has to appear on a novel, you twat?

Yes, I know that (yes, a but is coming, eheh, no pun intended), but there was a little too much drama towards the end.
That, or I just don't remember that drama level, on the previous volumes!

 But I don't think it happened, as it did with this one, because in the previous volumes, we would get other character's pov's during the story.

For Instance, Villiers was like a bad cold from day one!
His book was up until... now, the latest of the series, but he would get himself involved in practically all the other character's lives, and that would fill a volume nicely, without resorting to too much drama regarding the main characters' love life.

BUT besides that, I loved these characters, I loved their romance, and I can't wait to get my hands on the next "Desperate Duchess" book.
So if you still haven't started this series what are you waiting for?

Buy "Three Weeks With Lady X"

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