Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Vision In White (Bride Quartet #1) by Nora Roberts

I think that probably only Nora Roberts is able to make me read a tale about wedding planners.
And liking it!! O_O
Reading this type of story by another writer, would probably make me want to hit my head against a wall... quite a number of times!! 
All those... tiny little details... matching colours and flowers... and dresses... and napkins... would be a sure way towards insanity...

I confess that this is probably my favourite genre inside the Nora Roberts "plots": The friends that come together to create a business. I just love the way the relationships are dealt in it.

This means that no, there is nothing new about this plot.
 I remember that the dream trilogy for instance  started out with  the same premise. But, every time, the author is able to catch me, like a... "gullible"!!

But moving on, honestly what I liked more about this story, was the male character. I've had enough of  reading about alpha males. And Carter was just the opposite. 
He's sweet, caring, responsible and... clumsy!!
But on him... it looks good... except of course when he hits his head against the walls. 

He reminds me a little of Mac Booke in the book Heaven and Earth with his clumsiness.
I also liked reading about Mac, and what made her be what she is. So, on a romantic level, I loved this book.
On the whole wedding business... well I wouldn't mind if the next books wouldn't be as thorough as this one was on that subject...
(p.s- Having already read the second one, I'm afraid that there was a lot of talks about flowers)

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