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Banishing The Dark (Arcadia Bell #4) by Jenn Bennett

Arc provided by Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books through Netgalley
Release Date: May, 27th

And here it is. The last book of the Arcadia Bell series...
Banishing the Dark picks up a few weeks after the ~you know what happened~ in the last pages of Binding The Shadows (book #3).

Feelings are running high, Cady's sociopath of a mother continues lurking on the horizon waiting for a chance to attack _long story ~go read the first book!~ _ and Cady is starting to run out of ideas.
So what does she do?
Well, I could tell you, but then I would ruin the book for you!
So, no telling ;)

Let me just say that reading this was heartbreaking, awe inducing, funny _ Jupe is in it, so, what did you expect? _ and completely addictive!

I like the fact that Cady isn't your average urban fantasy heroine.
She really tried to lead a normal life _ well as normal as one can have, being the owner of a bar that caters to earthbounds_ only when people didn't let her _ there was the sacrifice attempts and things of the sort _ did she have to come to terms with the other "aspect" of her life.

So I guess it was expected that this series wouldn't have a... let's say "energizer bunny" duration.
You know the type, right? And it lasts and lasts, _okay... do you think that's in character with the characters?_ lasts _when will this series end?_, lasts _Okay I'm done with this *****!! *throws book in rage and promises never to touch the series again*

No one can accuse the Arcadia Bell series of that!
What you can say is, that it ended with a very positive bang, surfing the "biggest waves" of the urban fantasy world!

There are so many quotable quotes that I could place here to leave you all salivating, but I CAN'T, because this is an arc!
The characters are as great as ever.
I just love the quirky demon family Cady got for herself. I love their interactions, and the way they are always there for one another!
I love Lon, even with his pirate moustache... and in spite of his old age! lol ;)

Then there's Jupe who is the cutest, most infuriating, "huggable" teen ever created! I love him, even when he is being his usual big mouthed self!
Oh, and I can totally see him having his own series! ;) *wink*
Well, he and another member of the Butler family! That ending, lol, was priceless!

Definitely recommended for first reads, and re-reads, which is something I would love to do if I didn't have a pile of arcs to read!
So what are you waiting for to start this series?

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