Thursday, 12 June 2014

Alice At Heart by Deborah Smith

I read the ebook edition, so it's possible that the new edition corrects some of the issues I mention in this review.

And here it is: Another story with an interesting premise but which, in the end, falls short due to an abundance of the most clichéd paranormal traits. 

As a magical realism story this had great promise... had the development been more focused on the characters, and ultimately on their interactions; instead of endless descriptions of clothes and bracelets.

Alice, as a character, was interesting to read about. And I was particularly interested in seeing her breaking the bonds to her old life.

But an author can't expect their readers to believe _and no, I'm not going to mention the more fantastical bits! _ that someone who has been basically mistreated by her family for as long as she can remember, would fall into a relationship _as magic as it was _ just like that.
Thirty four years old is a long time to have acquired some strong protective barriers against "third parties".

The what was to be the sensual elements _ and I'm far from being a prude!_ were overdone. The description of that part of their connection was basically ...
What was that? Mental connection sex? o_O
lol Between scrunching my face and just laughing at it, well you can see my reaction.

I wanted more from Alice and from the three women.
I wanted to feel real bonds between all of them. not cliché descriptions of stereotyped characters:
The older one with her wise woman role, the middle sister, the warrior, and the younger sister with her kind easy ways.
Of the three, Mara was undoubtedly the one I wanted to read and to know more about. Her relationship with C.A. could have been used to let us watch them actually interacting, and not telling us about it.

This is not my first book by this author.
It is, however, the first fantasy book by this author that I've read, and it shows.

Basically I want to say: There's a gem hidden in this story, so, delete all of this, and rewrite it once again.
And forget about the over the top drama...
Also the cover art, could use a very necessary update to our day and age...

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