Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Half-Off Ragnarok by Seanan Mcguire (InCryptid #3)


Reading a new InCryptid instalment feels a little like watching a new episode of a favourite series.
Your very favourite, quirky, insane series...

In this third volume the narrator is Alex Price, Verity's brother, and true to their surname _Price _ we get a full lesson on all Cryptid things.

Maybe it's me, and my current mood _I'm somewhat less enthusiastic about reading these days _ but I didn't feel very attached to this story.
Don't get me wrong! It's a great story and a treat for every inner InCryptid biologist. The humour and quirkiness were there as usual, but in the end I wanted a little more individual character development....
Alex is a Price, so he behaves like a Price...
His grandparents are a whole different species, so they behave in their own... species way!
And so on and on... if you get what I mean.
If felt a little predictable... in a "not so bad predictable kind of way", but I can't help feeling that it could be better!
Yes, I'm becoming pickier and pickier in my old age...

So why a four star rating?
Because the world building is freaking amazing _not fricken... aka, frogs with wings ;) _ the things the author comes up with... just feel unbelievably real in their insanity and amazing imagination; and giving it a 3.5 would feel kind of wrong considering the world building's awesomeness.
"Bogeyman (Vestiarium sapiens). The thing in your closet is probably a very pleasant individual who simply has issues with direct sunlight. Probably. Bogeymen are close relatives of the human race; they just happen to be almost purely nocturnal, with excellent night vision, and a fondness for enclosed spaces.
They rarely grab the ankles of small children, unless it’s funny.
But on and on it was a good instalment for this insane urban fantasy series, and of course the Aeslin Mice are there, so...
What are you waiting to have a good laugh?
“HAIL! HAIL THE RETURN OF THE GOD OF SCALES AND SILENCE!” exulted the mice, emerging from behind most of the appliances on the kitchen counter.

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