Monday, 30 June 2014

The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

This was so Much Fun!!
A fast paced romp of an adventure, featuring a fearsome pirate, and a down on his luck assassin, this was pure fun from page one.

When we first meet Ananna, she is a not happy pirate... since she is on the verge of becoming a bride, due to her dearest *parents* idea of forcing her into an arranged marriage!
 Parents suck, future in-laws suck, and don't even get her started on the groom...

Luckily for Ananna she is not the type for suffering such fate in silence!
No, she grabs hold of a camel and away she goes!! Literally!! lol
You go, girl!

Of course the in-laws not being happy about being ditched, decide to send an assassin on Ananna's trail.
People take everything so personally. Jeez!
But no, an assassin is dispatched to resolve matters of Honour. o_O
Now as you can see/read our heroine is not exactly the passive type. So of course she fights back, and Naji (that's the assassin's name) ends up with a different endgame: you see, during the fight, Ananna casually saves the assassin's life _I KNOW!! WHY? _ and after that, the thing is like:
_Why did you did that? Now I can't kill you!
_Why not?
_Because I am in your debt!
Not only this, but this strange curse gets activated and Naji... hell, I am not going to say anything else!
You read it!!

So, they get stuck with each other, visit quite a number of calm locations _lol, right_ well the desert is normally calm, you see... just not when they are in it!
Meet quite a number of interesting people... who try to kill them!
Then they decide that they've had enough on land, so they decide to go sightseeing on the Ocean!
More interesting people!
More adventures and a whole lot of confusion!
Through all of this, they start to become friends and Ananna starts even considering something more with the brooding _easily prone to fainting spells, lol _ scarred assassin. Despite the fact that he has the worst taste in women!
Did I tell you about that river witch?
Well, he is such an idiot that he...
*cough, cough*

Buy the book! And the Shorts! And the following book!
I mean, Books!
Don't forget that Strange Chemistry is closing up "shop", so this is the time to book hoard, without guilty consciences.

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