Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Ghosts of Bourbon Street ( InCryptid #3.1) by Seanan Mcguire

(Best read after Half-Off Ragnarok.)

Okay... so after having just finished this short, I finally realized why the previous book (Half-Off Ragnarok) didn't catch my interest, as these volumes normally do.

Plainly speaking, Alex is a complete bore when compared with his younger sister Verity. lol
He's a cute bore, but in the end he's the geek scientist with a baggage full of cryptid info, who may well bring the old expression "Bored to death", alive!

 Then there's also the fact, that this short has almost as much action in it, as "Half-Off..." had, being this last one a full length book.

Due to its small number of pages, there was no info dump, regarding the Cryptid various species, which allowed for a more interesting, and fast read.

In a pretence of showing us what Verity and Dominic are up to in their road trip, we are given instead an introduction to a new series, that features a ghost, as it's main character.

Yes, that's right, Rose Marshall, the leading character of a new book series, Sparrow Hill Road, makes an appearance and consequently steals the spotlight out from her niece _Verity.

Verity has decided to take _let's call it _ "baby steps" when it comes with introducing her boyfriend, Dominic, _the ex Covenant operative_ to her quirky, and dangerous _ Price_ family. 
So, who better to start with... than her "dear auntie" Rose?
Who cares if she's dead? 
She's still family.

Rose may be a ghost but she's more lively than some living people, and soon Verity and Dominic find themselves entangled in the business' of the dead.
Who said that the living gets to have all the fun?

p.s. Of course this means that now, I am going have to place the other book I had started on hold, and instead start with Sparrow Hill Road, because it seems to be that good!
Look for it's review in the next few days ;)

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