Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Kingdom (Graveyard Queen #2) by Amanda Stevens

This story really disappointed me...

After reading the first volume, Amelia's strange characterization no longer came as a surprise. But while on the first story, the mystery kept me from dwelling on a "couple of things" that I just found irritating; in this one, the mystery wasn't all that interesting...and not all that mysterious.

If the book were to be evaluated only on account of its "photography" aspect, its so called atmosphere and scenario, it would definitely deserve a higher rating. The whole underwater graveyard scenario was creepy as hell...

But then let's talk about the attempted sense of creepy/horror "thing" that tries to "permeate" the didn't work. There wasn't anything new in it, so it just become boring to read.

 I am used to reading dark fantasy stories, namely some works by Marion Zimmer Bradley, that I read more than a decade ago.
Stories that I liked reading back then, but I'm betting that were I to read them NOW, they wouldn't get the same reaction from me. Stories in which the horror descriptions are extremely linked to paranormal romance. See where I am going?

That's what happened here.
 A nameless EVIL, who influences everyone and everything in a small town. Then you have the "evil witches". Then there's the "powerful patriarch" who rules everything from behind the scenes. Clichés, clichés...
And then there's the love interest.....yeah, I wish! And once again, let the cliché feast begin.

Like what happened with the first book, The "romance" is just pitiable.

We get a new character, who's tall, and handsome. This one, thankfully isn't brooding as Devlin....thank God, for that!

In fact I was really hoping that Amelia would have a nice, normal relationship with Thane. Who unlike, Devlin, shows that he likes her.
 But unfortunately, I'm not seeing that happening... ever.
 Because the author, made perfectly clear that part of their mutual attraction was fuelled by EVIL....ugh, ugh, ugh.
Could this explanation be more cheesy? And soap-opera like?

So like the first story_ SPOILER! SPOILER!! Remember the scene when she's with Devlin? And all of a sudden you have a voyeuristic scene with ghosts? Including his dead wife? END SPOILER _ in this one, the scenes where the characters all of a sudden decide to throw themselves at each other in a sudden fit of passion, were really strange, and eye-rolling know, because the EVIL was messing with them. (sigh)

 One of "those" scenes even takes place in a graveyard....c'mon!
 Too much can be TOO MUCH!!
Then she's always thinking about Devlin and his dead wife, and after a while the thing just transformed itself into a creepy soap-opera!

In the end, Amelia is probably one of my least favourite characters, and after this book, I most certainly will not be reading the third one.

Honestly, for me, _and I don't think I ever said this! _ the only way for this series to work would be to skip the romance entirely!

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