Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Restorer (Graveyard Queen #1) by Amanda Stevens


Having already read the second volume of this series, I can definitely say that I won't be reading any other books of this series.
I've also removed a star, since on further consideration I've decided that this was just an okay reading.
Yes, there were some aspects that I liked but, in the end, the negative parts surpassed the positives.

My Previous review:

I can't say that I actively disliked reading this.

However, there was something that just felt a little the characters and the feelings portrayed that just felt a little too "harlequin" novels for me.

 The only compliment I can give it, is that I had no idea where the story was going to go.
I was completely at the author's mercy to know what was going to happen next.

The negatives:
 Another of the things that I disliked, was the way that Amelia's characterization at times didn't seem compatible with her age.
She had no emotional maturity... imagine a thirteen year old on a twenty seven year old body, and you have Amelia.
The "crush" she has on Devlin, is embarrassing and obnoxious  in the "best" "insta-crush" format.
Did I mention that she's twenty seven years old?

 I also would have liked to see Devlin playing a more "active" part in the story, since he's the leading male character, and all that.

Because in the end _for me_, his character just felt too insignificant. And not all that interesting...

The mystery was interesting, but the romance just felt out of place, and forced.
I felt that it was just created to counteract the creepy aspects of the book..

 Because Devlin, on account of his past, never showed a real interest in Amelia.
And Amelia, felt a little like: "Oh, tall, handsome, BROODING_ this word appears quite a number of times_ yes, I'm interested in him!"

 In the end, I just felt like the author kept "all her aces" to herself in order to fill the following books, because there's still a lot of secrets to unravel, and questions to be answered.
For instance, who Amelia really is.
Who are her biological parents, and what is the secret that her mother keeps to herself.

As a side note, I can't help but mention that I thought that it was kind of strange, that Amelia should share her "gift", her cursed gift, with her supposedly adopted father.
What are the odds of that?

But this is part of a series, so, I guess one just has to keep reading find out the answers to those questions.

In the last pages of the book we see the reality of her life completely take another route. Every rule that Amelia has been following since she was nine years old, when she first saw her first ghost has dramatically changed.


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