Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ahahah...that's supposed to be funny... right? ;)

When you buy some books through online stores, hopefully, there won't be a whole lot of room for surprises, right?
Let's face it: the only thing we want is the book we ordered _not some crazy thing that you have no idea how it was published in the first place... I'll share this story some other time! _ in pristine condition, and preferably with some cute bookmark! :)

p.s- Also, Bookdepository? Wasn't it a bookmark for each and every order that you guys were to send? Because I am only getting one bookmark for every two orders!
And I am always getting the same ones! o_O

But I digress... surprise, no surprises...
What I wanted with this post was basically to share the insane sense of humour that BD apparently has!
In one of my latest orders I bought the book "Drink, Slay and Love" _which I loved :)
The cover design is very appropriate, since it shows part of a girl's face _a very whitish face due to vampirism _ drinking "something" red out of a bottle!
And no, it isn't red wine ! :)
So, what do I get along this book in my BD package?
Can you not get guess?
Okay, I'll show you!


Guys!! You're so sweet and considerate!! "This one ordered a book that has a bottle on its cover... I know, lets' send her a wine voucher!"
LOL Thanks guys, but I don't drink alcohol!
I do however read books! *hint, hint*

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