Friday, 11 July 2014

Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst

Let me tell you this: In the past I've read so many paranormal romances featuring "vampires" that it seems I've finally reached my limit! I am talking about favourite series, still on going series, that all of a sudden I just stopped reading. After a while they all seem the same.
That is... unless you give me something new. Which Sarah Beth Durst most definitely does.

The author picks up on the "traditional" clichés that abound on today's YA market, and completely de-constructs them, one sparkling vampire and unicorn at a time...

For instance, the vampires on this one aren't your "Cullen" variety, if you get what I mean. They're the: I'm going to drink your body dry... type.
They're our basic stuff of nightmares, who only see humans as snack time...

Pearl, a sixteen year old teenager, is a product of this "vampiric" environment, but forget about warm and fuzzy feelings when it comes to her family! Her parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, are all bloodthirsty monsters, and she knows better than to show weakness.
But one day she has an unwelcome encounter with a mythical being.
The "you stabbed your horn into my heart you... unicorn" moment has however a strange side effect... besides the not dying part. You see, Pearl is, as of now, the first official nightwalker to also become a daywalker!
It's great! Finally Pearl gets to see the sun, and us humans in all our shining glory! lol

What is great about this, is that the author doesn't make the obvious mistake of trying to transform Pearl in Miss Goody Two shoes. Yes, some "things" have changed, but not everything, as her diet regime confirms.
She's still a vampire, do not mistake her for a fluffy kitten with overdeveloped fangs.

Thing is, despite the obvious parody of the genre, Sarah Beth Durst's story manages to be more realistic when it comes to high school dramas/dilemmas/relationships than other books I've read that seem to get caught in the whole:
_Girl on girl hate...
_Girls fighting over boys...
_Girls only thinking about boys, boys, and boys!
_Boys who are presented as nothing more than brainless eye candy/ or the abusive macho type.

You'll be surprised to know that the teens portrayed here are drawn as being actually smart people, with a healthy dose of sarcasm, and self irony.
Hey, even the vamp studies! And you know what?
She makes friends and she even discovers a healthy hobby!

The story also deals with family dynamics and toxic relationships. It was a clever way to mix themes such as those, in a supposedly "all about fantasy" book.

The romance is cute without ever turning overbearing.
On and on an extremely well developed story that mixes real life issues with fantasy, with well drawn characters that will leave you salivating for more... no pun intended.
Oh, and I can just say, how wonderful it is to read a stand alone story??
It's amazing! 
Also, this was my fist book by this author, _and since I loved it! _ this means I have a long list to go through.
Yay, more books to read in this lifetime! o_O

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  1. stabbed by a unicorn? Ok I'll definitely have to scoop up a copy of this now.

  2. Yes! Can you imagine the scene? lol
    Let me tell you, that it is priceless... well that, and Pearl's monologue when she finds herself face to face with the so called mythical being! ;)
    Yes, do! I need people to "fangirl with" about this book! ;)


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