Thursday, 17 July 2014

Kiss of Night (#1) by Debbie Viguié

Christian fiction meets vampires...

When I buy a book I expect to love it! Let's face it, money doesn't grow on trees... well at  least it doesn't where I live, so that's why I get really upset when I buy something expecting it to be great, and the "thing" turns out not so great...

First of all, had I known that this was some kind of Christian fiction I wouldn't have bought it.
My faith is my own, and I don't need anobody's lectures on the degradation of morality in our days. Please :/
There's this part in the story, in which a character says something about this matter. And it goes like this: 
"I believe that modern age has brought with it a sense of moral ambiguity that has created people with no moral compass, no fundamental understanding of right and wrong", Paul on page 217

So, things were better in the dark ages??
Yes, I bet that right and wrong were definitely uphold in those days...
BUT WAIT, according to the same character:  
"But in the past, even the most evil people had an understanding of right and wrong, good and evil.", Paul on page 217
So let me see if I get this straight... in the past evil people knew they were being evil, but behaved as evil just the same... and now, people are being evil, because they are too misled by notions of moral ambiguity??
lol, right...
I think this begs the question: Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the biggest evildoer of them all??

Thank God, in this matter I am a lot like David (one of the characters)... in the part regarding resisting mind control.

Okay moving on... so, I bought this book because I though: "Hey a crusader turned into a vampire! This seems interesting..." unfortunately, it didn't work like that. Because this book, for me, is in the "insta-story" genre. You know the type, right?
Where characters in two or three pages believe that vampires exist, and the type where a regular person decides to embark on a holy war against EVIL... once again in two or three days. That type of book.
Apparently this is due to having faith. Because if one believes that God exists, one should believe that the same thing happens with monsters.

The pacing and the characters just felt strange and completely dull. The insta-love "thing" regarding one couple just felt ridiculous, and the insta-attraction between the other just felt forced.
I never felt any chemistry between the characters. Show, do not tell me!!

Then there was the constant praying... o_O
Lord have mercy!

And (highlight for spoiler) Richelieu, lol, Cardinal Richelieu turned into a vampire...(end of spoiler) well for me, that one was the last nail in the coffin... pun intended!

You can buy it here. ...but honestly o_O... you know... don't!

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