Wednesday, 23 July 2014

More book pictures...

Unfortunately neither Isa nor I, are currently in the necessary disposition to review books as frequently as we used to.
That is not say that this situation will not suddenly change, but as far as I am concerned, my concentration these days is missing in action :/ which makes it extremely hard to concentrate on what I am reading.

But since I don't want our readers to think that we've gone on extended holidays (WE WISH! lol), I decided to share with you guys some book pictures!
Like I had mentioned in a previous post, I was waiting to receive some new goodies :) through the mail.
Some of them, I had previous read as arcs, others, I have been hearing about "how amazing they are" for ages, and others are the culmination of favourite stories.


Cassandra Rose Clarke's "The Pirate's Wish"

 As you well know, Strange Chemistry is no more, so I decided to finally order this duology, not only to support the author, but also in the reasoning: get it while it's still available!
For those of you who've read my review of the first book The Assassin's Curse, you know how much I enjoyed reading it . That left "The Pirate's Wish" to be ordered ;)
This means that, of course, I'll try to read it as soon as possible, because I am looking forward to see/read what is going to happen with our characters!
You can also read Isa's reviews on these two books here on the blog:

Rebecca Hahn's  A Creature of Moonlight
I first read this story, as an arc through Netgalley; and I loved it so much, that I just had to buy it!
You can read my review of it here!
Truth be told, I am not a big fan of hardbacks _unless they're the library binding editions _ but it has come to my knowledge that the year that we readers normally wait for the paperback editions to be released, can be too much for the "survival" of an author in a publishing house.
So if, like me, you liked this book, why not support Rebecca's Hahn début story?


Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's Moving Castle

Okay, so apparently everyone I talk to about _book related stuff_ has read, and loved this book!
Apparently I am one of the few people who has neither read it, or seen the movie! o_O
This is the library binding hardback edition: You should have seen me trying to decide which edition to buy! o_O paperback or this one? But the paperback is a little bigger... but this one is Library Binding... what do I do? 
The cover is beautiful, but this is really small sized library binding hardback.
In fact it's more mass market sized so if, like me, you're a little peculiar with your book sizes, pay attention to the book data.
It was a little expensive (almost the same price of a Creature of Moonlight), but hopefully it will be worth it, regarding it's durability.
Of course I also expect to love it, reading wise! 

P. G. Wodehouse

A couple days back I also got these two books in the mail. 
As you can read they're by P. G. Wodehouse, and the original titles are: "The Mating Season (Jeeves #9)" and "The Code of The Woosters (Jeeves #7).
Now I just have to read all the previous stories! lol

In case you're wondering why I got these books without having bought the previous ones, all I can say, is that they were so cheap (and in hardback edition!) through online bookstores such as Fnac and Wook, that they were almost being given away for free!
Of course they're in Portuguese! ;)

p.s- the books are not on the ground. This is just what happens when your desk is made out of glass o_O you basically see the floor o_O... and if you're not careful, you almost take pictures of your own shoes!

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