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Nevermor (Nevermor #1) by Lani Lenore


Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

This is not the first book I've read by author Lani Lenore, therefore when I was contacted by the author to know if I was interested in reading Neverland's first two books I was more than happy to comply!*Big Cheshire cat smile*

Having read, in the past, Roses and Black Glass _book over which I will continue to harass The Book Depository until they have it for sale! _ I was well aware of the author's writing style, and knowing I was in for a treat, the only thing left for me would be to find time to read it.
Well, I finally read it, and the hard part is going to be to find the proper words to review it!

More or less so, everyone knows something about Peter Pan's story and his band of boys.
Well, this was pretty much  what I would have said had anyone asked me what I knew about it:  Of course I know about Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell... Hook, you know! I think I saw the Disney movie!
shut up, Susana...
Nevermor is So much more...

The Setting:
Rich, complex and extremely well developed, from London's nineteenth century environment to Nevermor's well crafted world, there wasn't a lose end in any part of it. I liked that the author kept it as realistic as possible when it came to talk about the conditions the orphan children lived in in that time frame.
No sugar-coating it.
The realistic way in which Wren envisioned her _far from auspicious _ future, while at the same time doing everything she could to keep herself living with her brothers, was heartbreakingly well done. A young girl at the edge of womanhood clinging desperately to a child's dream.

The characters:
This is what I talk about when I mention character development! We start by getting the story of a girl who wanted to have a better life, and who dreamt to escape the miserable life she lead with her brothers, and through the pages we see Wren growing up. The way she starts questioning her decisions, and even the way she never lies to herself, when it comes to admitting things she would rather not admit.
She doesn't let herself be deluded by living in another dream.

The Rifter, such a rich character filled with contradictions, this is not someone easy to love.
The boy that never wants to grow up, is much more than a careless boy that only wants to have fun.
He created a dream world and he has been living in it, for longer than he can remember.
He lures dreamers into his world, but not all of them stay in Nevermor... and Nevermor is also a place of ongoing nightmares.

Wren and Rifter may be the main characters, alongside Rifter's great enemy, The Scourge. But each of the other characters are perfectly created, getting their own spotlight.
It never feels as if they're there only to fill the pages au the contrary.

The plot:
Oh, yes, it is good!
But _ and I have to mention this _ I can't help feeling that this would have been better if the story had been written _in certain parts _ in a more concise manner. As it is I, at times felt, myself wandering a little.
This is basically the only complaint I have... but I am one of those people who finds Lord of The Rings ~ I know! The Blasphemy!~ boring as hell, so take my opinion with a grain of salt... or is it a pint of sugar?

If you like adventure books with strong characters, an engaging plot, and a great descriptive narrative, then this book is for you.
Also if you don't know what you like, you can start with this one, because you'll definitely like it... or according to Jane Austen's wise and immortal words:

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”

The ending:
Of course I'm not going to say how it ends, I am not that idiot!
I'll just say, that it kept me frenetically changing the pages *I mean clicking the mouse!* to see what was going to happen!
So yes, I am most definitely honestly recommending this book, as I can't wait to start reading this book's sequel Forsaken Dreamscape, and from what I read in its synopsis, this is my reaction:
Oh, My God!
Four years?
Four! o_O

So stay tuned (lol) because I will be reviewing it in the next couple of days... I just have to tackle one or two arcs in between because... Expiration Date!!*shudders*

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