Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rocket Girl #1 (Rocket Girl #1) by Brandon Montclare (Writer), Amy Reeder (artist)

Rocket Girl vol. 1 provided by Image Comics through Netgalley

This is the review for vol. 1, collecting issues 1-5.

Rocket Girl had a bit of a rocky start for me, Dayoung was too much of a Mary Sue - admittedly, most super-heroes are, but I tend to prefer a more realistic approach even within fantasy/sci-fi.

Issues 2-5 were a bit better, there were new interesting characters, so the focus wasn't solely on how amazingly awesome a 15 year old cop was.

I really, really liked the artwork, and the colours were gorgeous!

Brandon Montclare's site

Amy Reeder's tumblr
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