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Sinner (Mercy Falls 3.5) by Maggie Stiefvater

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Just before I started writing this review, I checked netgalley's book page in order to see if something had escaped me when requesting this title. Was this story labelled as New Adult, and I didn't see that?
But no, the tags that were used for this book are: Children's Fiction (which is sooo wrong in so many levels!), Teens and Ya.
Somebody should probably check that out, because this is not a book for children. Heck, this is not even appropriate reading material for some adults!

Oh my, there's so many of them, that I don't even know where to start...
_Substance Addiction;
_Depression (the level of angst does reach incredible high levels with two main characters that should be under psychiatric evaluation)
_ Mentions of Suicide

I read the previous books in the series. I loved them. Well, I fell in love with Shiver, with Grace and Sam's quiet way, and then I read the following two.
From the story, to the author's writing style, I was completely hooked. So my review isn't coming from someone unfamiliarized with the series, and what happened in them. On the contrary.

You should know that, in this one, the fantasy aspect is reduced to a way of addiction.
Yes, Cole uses his shapeshifting as a way to escape his mind, his problems.
That's the fantasy aspect in this story.

The whole rest _ninety five percent of it_ is one big mess of New Adult themes presented to us _most of it _ in a reality show scenario.
I wanted so much to DNF this during most of the story. I wanted to give it a one star rating. It was such a disappointment that I honestly wish I hadn't read this.
In the previous books Isabel and Cole were their toxic personality selves, but the whole atmosphere of  Mercy Falls, and the fact that Grace and Sam were there, helped to turn that more bearable to read, I guess.

In this story, that I honestly though would be taking place a couple years later ( in the synopses it says: At one point they may even have loved one another: but that feels a lifetime ago...), and not a miserable six months later (the hell?) we get their personalities in all their neurotic, maniacal, depressive, miserable, GLORY WAYS!
It was too much! 
And at the same time not enough, because there's no fricking character development in this book!
We just get miserable cardboard characters! It was insane to read this!! By the time I finished reading this, I had a freaking headache and I was miserable!

Then there are things that were thrown here a little too carelessly, like Isabel considering herself a sociopath... but then we are told that she had  had years of counselling... really? Because if she had years of counselling she would be able to see that she was in the middle of a depression.
There were so many things in this that were wrong in so many levels.
For instance what goes through Isabel mind when she's reversing the car... I kept thinking: kids will read this, and maybe some idiot will think that it's "cool" to reverse a car without looking at the mirrors, and saying: Oh, I don't care if I run over anyone... wth?

The idea that being ill mannered and rude is cool... aren't people done with those Beverly Hills, and Gossip Girl characters wannabes?
Because I am so done with reading them!
I could be here all day, describing every cliché that was used in this story, regarding Isabel's and Cole's personalities, but honestly I just want to be done with this.

Definitely not something I would ever recommend, it has at times some brilliantly clever phrases, that unfortunately are too little to compensate what goes on in here.

People can even tell me: Hey, people with psychiatric disorders need love too!
Yes, they do _I'll respond _, I just don't want to read it. And I will not go around promoting insane crazy lust between teenagers, and saying that that is love...

Buy (or not) "Sinner"

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