Thursday, 24 July 2014

Slightly Married (Bedwin saga #1) by Mary Balogh

This was such a nice surprise!

The first book I have read by this author, and I loved it!

I've just finished it, and I have this big stupid smile on my face, because the story was that cute, and interesting, and the final pages of it had just the right amount of sweetness!

“There is something infinitely better than happily-ever-after. There is happiness. Happiness is a living, dynamic thing, Eve, and has to be worked on every moment for the rest of our lives. It is a far more exciting prospect than that silly static idea of a happily-ever-after. Would you not agree?"
Aidan Bedwyn

I think this calls for a "Aww" moment ;) here it goes:

Yes, I know that "this is" Mr. Thornton from "North and South" ;)

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