Friday, 22 August 2014

Demonglass (Hex Hall #2) by Rachel Hawkins

                             Sophie Mercer and her wicked sense of humour are back! :)

Having just found out about her demon heritage, Sophie wants nothing more than to be rid of all her magic abilities.
Trying to achieve that, she strikes a pact with her father.
 She will spend some time with him in England, and then she will make a decision regarding her magical powers. England she goes, with her best friend Jenna, the pink loving vampire. :)
But England is full of dangers...namely one Archer Cross who keeps crossing her path!
As if that wasn't enough, she also has a ghost on her trail, and she and her father may not be the only demons alive...
Also lets not forget the complicated  subject of her... fiancée! O_O
YES! Love triangle!! Ugh :/

Which is too bad, because if the story had been properly developed, it wouldn't need any of these things!

Also one of the reasons that made me love reading Hex Hall that much (even after a re-read!), was the fact that it played and joked around, with the basic YA stereotypes!
And we know that there isn't anything more basic than a love triangle in the YA genre!

All these problems _boys vying for, lol, and people trying to kill her _ means that by the end of these vacations, Sophie is definitely going to need some time off!
At least she has the necessary sense of humour to deal with all this.

Bottom Line: the author has a very addictive writing style _it helps that the stories aren't that long to begin with_ so, despite the fact that this wasn't as good as the first one, especially because everything happens too FAST, I'm still invested in this trilogy... I blame it on a long list of insane characters :) Sophie being the number one culprit!

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