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Shield Of Winter by Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling #13)

It turns out that book #13 of this series ended up being a lucky one! Because I loved it! :)

There is quite a number of things to praise about this series: _The basic plot of it, a society which is constituted by three very different races, Changelings, Humans and Psy, with their very different characteristics, that are forced to co-exist.

The characters that are so well drawn, as are the connections established between them, from lovers, pack members, friends, all of them are basically flawless.
There may have been some things on previous stories that I wished had been done in a different way, (Hawke and Sienna relationship, Kaleb and Sahara) due to what the characters had been through in their lives, but in most cases I've loved the romances that have been created in these series. My favourite however continues to be the one between Riley and Mercy! :)
And this one between Vasic and Ivy, is going to make it into my top favourites! ;)
Very, very well done.

The plot
The psy world is collapsing on itself, and on the rest of the society.
The council has disintegrated, Silence is falling and the psy net is attacking their own minds.

The only solution seems to be in waking up the E (empaths), a psy category seen with unkind eyes by a grand percentage of the psy-world.
Now, Kaleb Kricheck, the Arrows, and the rest of Changelings are thrown in together for a battle destined to save the psy race.
I am trying to remember, but I think that so far, this is the most violent book of the series...not in a gore and blood thoroughly described kind of way, but you'll see that things are going from bad to worse in the psy-world, and a feasible solution doesn't seem to make itself known anytime soon.

The characters
Vasic who we've known from previous books, has in Shield of Winter his stage. And you know what? He completely deserves it!
I'll admit that I was a little reticent with this title because...he just seemed another pawn in the psy-changeling chessboard. And a  little too emo for my tastes....
I was wrong.

For someone who tries to be as cold as Winter, the guy has this amazing big heart. I loved the fact that he wasn't portrayed as the usual alpha _hear me growl _ type.

His relationship with Ivy was cute, tender, heart-breaking with some laughable and unforgettable moments:
the fact that his skill _being able to move as he wish to wherever he wish _ tended to manifest itself during some more...cough....delicate moments _lol_ was just hilarious!
I wouldn't have minded though if the romance between them, had taken even a  little more time to get started due to Vasic' upbringing.

All in all a great book, that paths the way for a new tomorrow for the Psy. I can't wait to read the new volume, and after thirteen books, that is quite something...especially since I wasn't crazy about the last ones!
I definitely have a problem with the more aggressive alpha...dudes! Basically I can't stand them...

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Ocd remember? :)

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