Monday, 4 August 2014

The Asylum For Fairy-Tale Creatures by Sebastian Gregory


ARC provided by Carina UK through Netgalley

Missing commas, missing words, and missing sense... maybe they're keeping the insane fairy tales company?
What in the blazes happened with this?

You know how, in some stories, you can't help noticing that the authors don't have an actual plot, so they just focus on filling pages with endless, useless words, joined by a parade of never ending adjectives?
Verbose, that's what we call them, right?

On the other hand there are times when we feel like we are reading pages that have been ripped of a phone book... a scary and dark phone book, as turned out to be the case for this story.
The writing was that basic :/

Okay... this is the second book in a row to which I give a one and half star.
I may be turning mellow with my old age :/ because other people would probably give it a star, if that much.

Let's call things as they really are: This is a novella, and even so, a poorly developed one.
My conscience is battling with me, forcing me to admit that I gave my previous read 1.5 stars, and that in terms of writing quality that one, was unquestionably better than this!
The only reason this even gets this rating is that it, at times, did manage to be original and creepy as hell! Too bad those moments were just too few.

And this had an original concept!
So why wasn't it developed? I am sincerely flabbergasted about it! Was this edited?
If so, the author should definitely ask for his money back.

Let's talk about how it begins...
The introduction to the "major" fairy tale creatures that we will be reading about was just too poor, character wise. It was just your basic fairy tales stereotypes. Especially with the first character: Red Riding Hood.

The creepiness factor was not enough to keep me reading the story, especially not with the headache that the writing was giving me.

There were some original points that I appreciated, _ the asylum per se, the guards_ but the writing was so basic! There were so many missing words, and the characters were so undeveloped, than honestly reading this became  a chore.
Here, I'll leave you with some examples:
"To be poor abandon children in the forest, left to the whims of the nearby witch in her gingerbread house (pg. 8)
"She felt so at home here, the other children of the village thought her strange and sneered when they saw her go by" (pg 11)
Did you mean to say:  She felt so at home here, despite the fact that the other children found her strange, and sneered at her, whenever they saw her go by. (??)
I can ignore a certain amount of things in arcs. I am not that of a literary snob.
There will always be some grammatical mistakes in texts that are going to  be ignored.
Hey, I make them all the time!  But this was just too much! And if I excuse the occasional error, I don't want to have anything with stories that don't seem to have been edited...
"Ever since her father had succumbed to a wasting infection the previous year, her mother’s wits were lost to everlasting grief; the girl had found refuge in solitude"
"The girl losing her father and her grandma a son gave strength to the other."


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