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The Swallow: A Ghost Story by Charis Cotter

Release Date: September, 9th

                                               Arc provided by Tundra Books through Netgalley

Things you should know about this story:

Incredibly addictive, once you start it, I dare you to stop reading it.
The beginning is pretty much perfect. 
We are given a plot that starts with a very likeable heroine, and a small insight into her less than "perfect life". Polly is a young girl on the verge of teenagehood , and it shows :)

There’s no place for me. I’m getting squeezed out of my own house. My parents want to save the world, and they’re doing it one unwanted kid at a time.

Told in dual points of view, "The Swallow" is a story about two girls that live next door to each other, each of them with their own very different lives...

Rose is the quiet girl, the one that feels abandoned by her parents, and basically ignored by the rest of the world. If only the ghosts that she sees would behave in the same fashion, her life would be much more bearable.

Polly is a force of nature. She is lively, with a large _ and what she feels as imposed _ family, and unlike Rose she would love to see a ghost...
 This a story about friendship and how friendship can make you stronger.
Once these two find one another, their lives will never be the same.

The writing
I can't help but recurring to a cliché to define it: Engaging, witty, and concise.

With its first phase _ see phrase copy/pasted above _ we are immediately thrown into the story! The author knows what she's doing, and she caught the story's tone perfectly!
If this were a song, Adele would be singing it.

By having two very different heroines, the author was able to _lets say _ lift the story's "natural" bleakness.
 Rose who has been haunted all her life by ghosts, carries this unbearable weight and this dark cloud with her. She feels as if they want to drain her of her life force. And we feel this, while reading it.
The atmosphere of the setting is just right.

But then comes Polly, curious Polly who would love nothing more than to see ghosts, and someone that in the end is able to change the way Rose feels about her "gift" or "curse". Polly with her red coat, and her enthusiasm for life, someone who _despite all that takes place _in the end is able to keep the narrative more grounded in the everyday life.

The mystery
Very well done! I take my hat to the author! ;)
Of course I am not going to reveal it!! lol So you can keep on reading this review:)

I am just going to say that I kept "piling all the clues" in my head, and trying to figure it out. 
I knew that most probably I was  being "directed" in the wrong direction _seeing the movie The Sixth Sense did wonders for my investigative skills! lol _ and something kept telling me that "the egg incident"_read the book!_ was important, but I just couldn't figure it out.
Hmppf, who am I kidding?
I couldn't figure it out, until it was almost spelled out to me!

First I thought it was the obvious one...then I thought it was both of them...then the least likely of them...but the twins DECEIVED ME!! o_O

So, yes, as you can read, I loved this story!
So why not five star rating?
Because I can't help feeling that the girls pov's, should have been longer. They kept changing too often, and there was a moment in which I couldn't help feeling that they were disrupting the story's flow.

Besides that, I will say it again, I loved reading this story. And I am really happy that I requested, and most importantly that I was granted access to read it.
Thank you....I've just added another book to my to "buy list". o_O
September is going to be a disaster :/

Meanwhile I will try to restrain myself from my friends! ;)

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