Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Time Of The Fireflies by Kimberly Griffiths Little

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Normally I don't have any problem reading the so called "Middle Grade" books. In fact I have been lucky enough to have been reading some amazing  well written, and spell binding stories that could place the so called adult ones, to shame.

Now _DUE TO THAT _ I may have temporarily forgotten that middle grade books are intended for middle grade...readers. Which I am most definitely NOT.
I am currently thirty five years old. Therefore I am afraid that I'm no longer this book' intended audience. :)
The only reason I am mentioning this, is that although I can't in all honesty give this book a higher rating, I can't help admitting that its intended audience will probably like it more than I did!

This has a fluid writing, and what starts as an interesting concept.
A twelve year old girl answers a call from a disconnected phone....

However _for me _ the whole time travel....process (lol) felt a little too bland and simplistic.

The main characters could have been more developed...although I understand that due to the number of people that end up  joining the story, that could prove a little too much for the intended audience...

The plot however _despite the time travel thing _ felt nicely done. The author was able to keep all those "balls in the air"_the cursed generations thing_, and was able to perfectly interwove all the lose threads.

The mystery of the mysterious caller wasn't that much of a mystery , lol.
And although I couldn't well grasp the concept of quite a number of things_ too basic and simplistically done_ it was nice the inclusion of a cursed SPOILER!! creepy doll in the plot, and the basic idea behind the story.

Bottom Line: Don't steal...and don't make fast judgements.
A fast easy read for much younger readers.

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