Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I Hunt Killers ( Jasper Dent #1) by Barry Lyga

                                                  Copy provided through Netgalley

It had been awhile since I had read a thriller that I truly enjoyed, so curiously enough, I found myself  anticipating its read, and wondering why I had stopped reading thrillers a couple years back.

First thoughts while reading it:
"I am too used to fantasy, I don't think I can read about killers, and women being killed..."

After a few pages...

"Okay, I am hooked!"

This is a very clever psychological thriller, with interesting characters and a fast paced plot.
I am happy to announce that the person who I had thought was the culprit _right at the beginning of the story _ was not the culprit after all!!;)

The characters, especially the leading one, Jasper, and his "sidekicks" Howie and Connie, are extremely well developed, that I just want to read more about them.

Jasper (Jazz)
 I think its impossible to dislike Jazz, despite his manipulative self.
He is clever, astute, but also a deeply troubled person with a background mired in blood.
His head is a minefield of doubts and fears as he tries to just live an ordinary everyday life.
But can there be an ordinary life for someone who was raised the way he was?
Can he fight his demons, or is he bound to turn into just another monster?

A thing that I especially liked was how the author never tried to make Jasper into a goody two shoes...deep inside. The type of :"Oh, he's troubled and all that, and yes, he could lose it... but no, he will never do that..because deep down he is good."
No, we don't know that. I really hope he doesn't, but in the end who knows what is going to happen?

I especially liked how Jazz's friend and girlfriend weren't our usual stereotyped characters, and the fact that despite they being ya characters, this couldn't be further from the ya genre.

Bottom Line: My favourite thing in this book?
The way Jazz' mind works....even if that mind scared me once in awhile.

This means that I can't wait to start reading the second one...which I will do once I've read a few pending arcs.

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  1. Jazz got me intrigued. It seems like I would like him haha
    I think I have to read this book!
    Have you ever read any book from Throne of Glass trilogy?

  2. He's a charmer. He's impossible to dislike :)

    You mean Throne of Glass from author Sarah J. Maas?
    Yes, I have read it. I didn't like it :(


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