Monday, 29 September 2014

More Book pictures

As I must have mentioned in another post _it is hard to keep track of all the things I mention here... or in Booklikes or even Goodreads... so I am sorry if you have heard this a Million Times Over and over _ until a couple of months ago, most of the galleys I read had the advantage of making me save some money though the infallible logic of:
I would read them, I would hate dislike them, therefore I wouldn't spend any money on them!
It was lovely... pocket wise, although completely infuriating on a completely different level...

But, then September arrived, and all of a sudden "it is raining books"!

Books from series that we I follow, like "The Winter Long" by Seanan Mcguire _have I told you today that the October Daye series is my favourite urban fantasy series? I think not ;) _ long awaited conclusions to loved trilogies, as is Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan case . Hopefully I'll share its picture on a near future once the postal office delivers it to me! _ re-editions of loved series as is the case with Kim Harrison "Hollows" series _ I admit: I stopped reading the series because I was hoping for brand new paperback editions... since I hated most of the ones available o_O I know! I exist... _ and then there are the unexpected gems...
September has been filled with this latest type:
I loved Radiant (Book 1 Towers Trilogy), an arc that I read not so long ago through Edelweiss by Karina Sumner Smith, and of course I had to buy it, so it could share my shelves with another of my favourites in the dystopian department. I received it today :)
Then there was also Elizabeth Vail's The Duke of Snow and Apples, the winner of the last NaNoWriMo that I first read in ebook, but since I loved it so much, I had to go and also buy it... because... BOOKS!!
Others, as is the case with Lindsey Davis' "The Jupiter Myth" are part of series that I love (I dare you to try the first book of the Marco Didio Falco series, and not be hooked), but somehow it is taking me awhile to finish it... or maybe I just don't want to do that...

Then there's two translated editions of books that I honestly never thought about reading, much less buying, but they were with such big discounts that I just couldn't resist! I am talking about Diana Peterfreund' "Morning Glory" and Tessa Gratton' "Blood Magic."
So, here are some pictures of my latest book acquisitions.

What about you? What books have you been buying and loving? :)



  1. I need to start Seanan McGuire's books. They look like all the things I love. Slow build romance and folklore. Lots of lore.

  2. Brighid, the world building is amazing. And you're right, they're definitely that type of book.
    I have "The Winter Long", here next to me waiting to be read, and I still haven't done it; because at the same time I am trying to find the time to read the previous seven books.
    That's how much I love the series.


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