Friday, 19 September 2014

The Luckiest Lady In London by Sherry Thomas

I basically read this book in one sitting!
This means that today I can barely keep my eyes open, because I couldn't close this book until I had finally finished it, at six o'clock in the morning *cough, cough*.

Sherry Thomas can most definitely write. We all know that.
What she can also do is create one of a kind characters that even while we are hating them _another book, another dude... _ we can't seem to forget them.
I may have been a little befuddled in the beginning _which led me to ask Isa, who had already read it ( Her review Here!), if the guy was a sociopath o_O _ long story, but _and I honestly don't remember the precise moment in which that happened _ after awhile I was enjoying this one so immensely that I just had to keep reading it!
Is there a praise higher than this?
This was as engaging and addictive as a romance, as one can possibly be!
Especially since it was read by a person who lately has found romances lacking, boring, and cheesy:

Let's start with the characters...
Their depth, their not sugar like likeability, the fact that they feel real enough to be friends with _well with Louisa...Felix would have to lose the Perfect Gentleman façade first... _the fact that you want to do them bodily harm _once again Felix..although not as much as some previous characters! _ this all conjures to make this story an unforgettable one.

The writing style...
That ensnares you, leading you into a story fraught with emotion and yes angst, breaking a little of your heart. (Apparently I still have one!)

Could the characters have been less dense?
Could they have benefited from the help of a mental help specialist ?
Felix? Yes.
Could they be any less perfect for one another?

Louisa needs to get married. And she needs to get married to someone with enough money to help her family.
This situation makes it impossible for her to enjoy her season as a normal simpering débutante: Instead she gets ready for the thing, as if she were a cat on the prowl for some medium sized rats!
Being of logical reasoning as she is, she knows her strong points _not that many _ and her frailties _ not enough time to count them all _, so she decides to lower her expectations as much as she can, in order to achieve her goal.

What she wasn't expecting was that the biggest.. rat of them all _yes, I am still going along with the rat metaphors here  _ dubbed "The Perfect Gentleman", to take an interest in her person!
Which more than being perplexing, it ends up being extremely inconvenient because Louisa takes one look at his magnificent self _ yes, the big rat is that awesome and attractive...and he can't help but noticing that!
 That = The fact that she falls heads over heels in lust with the smug bastard!

What follows is a battle of wits between these two strong characters, that is pure fun and heartbreaking to follow.
I mentioned the characters being one of a kind, right?

Well take Louisa for instance: after the cards have been put on the table between her and Felix, she makes no qualms that she can't wait to get her hands on him!!
Yes! Not your average character, right?
Felix on other hand, can't disguise from Louisa the fact that he is a manipulative bastard, which couldn't be farther away from what society perceives of him. He also can't hide that he is extremely attracted to her...despite his better efforts...
And so the battle begins.
Go read it ;)

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  1. Any book by Sherry Thomas is wonderful!

    1. I am so sorry, I only saw your comment today!
      You're completely right! I love the author's books, even when I secretly wish that the heroine would take a frying pan to the "hero's" thick skull! ;)


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