Friday, 26 September 2014

The Pirate's Wish (The Assassin's Curse #2) by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Less than three months ago I read the first book in this duology: The Assassin's Curse.
But then arcs got in the way, and it took me this long to have a chance to finish reading this story.

Also, since I read as I breathe _aka, my memory sucks_, I decided that I should re-read it before starting this one... because I don't like forgetting the little things that happen in a plot.
So re-read the Assassin's Curse I did, and it was still a fun adventure to read!

And then came this one, The Pirate's Wish...
I gave 4.5 stars to the first book, because I loved it. The characters were interesting, the world building was vividly drawn...
You name it, it had it.

With the sequel I am afraid I started feeling that it was more of the same: Ananna and Naji are still on the Sky Island, and it turns out that going there had barely any effect on the guy's curse. *Too much ado for nothing*
Yes, something happens there *I am going to keep it vague*, but I guess that would have happened anywhere: It was a thing of the moment, and it was not connected to the place...

A thing that bothered me in this story was the amount of angst that exists in it..- there's angst to give and sell.
There were times I just wanted to shake Ananna and tell her to stop being so unhappy on account of a brooding *not really in the mood for talking* assassin.

I kept hoping to feel their relationship evolve,_ which it eventually did _ but through most of the time, they were their same old selves: _one was miserable... the other was... forget that, both of them were miserable, and of course they couldn't talk about it.... *face-palm*

As things were, I have to say that my favourite character in this one, was probably the Manticore.
At least she was straightforward with what she wanted:
To eat men's flesh.
Especially Naji's...unfortunately for the lady Manticore (I am sorry but if I try to copy her long name here, I am bound to miss some letters!) our favourite brooding assassin has the "famous" curse on him, therefore he's not available for proper consume.

Marjani, who helped both our heroes in the previous book also appears, _ she helps make things more bearable to read by diffusing all that angst_ and soon enough Ananna and Naji are on the cusp of another adventure.
Battles on sea, flesh eating manticores, confronts with old enemies, and reunions with loved ones, it all happens here.

It was nice trying to figure out how those two could get rid of the god-damn curse.
I'll confess that regarding the last one, I was somewhat surprised with how it worked out, because I really thought I had it figured out. *Yes, I am an idiot.*

Something happens during a battle, and Ananna and Naji become even more bonded to one another, and somehow I thought that that would be it. The whole *life from death* paradox...
But no... instead what happens are talking sharks. Which is always something unexpected!

In the end, this was a good story _not a favourite as the first one _, with an adequate ending
I honestly thought that it was well done, and appropriate:
The author respected the characters nature. 
What more is there to ask?

Buy "The Pirate's Wish" (there's two editions:, so check out the available sizes. I normally indicate the one that is cheaper at the moment of writing the post..)
(Don't forget that Strange Chemistry is no more, and copies probably won't be available for much longer)

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