Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet by Kate Rorick and Bernie Su

This was such a fun _and accurate _ romp of a retelling!
As a proud fan of all Austen things, I am happy to inform that the authors did an amazing job with this novel, re-adapting a most loved classic into a contemporary romance, while maintaining a most necessary consistency with Austen's work.

If you still haven't read Austen's Pride and Prejudice, please do, because if not, the little things, the words that may seem casually thrown once in a while, in this one, will be lost in you.
As it is, and not ignoring the fact that this work will also have an audience of the people who have watched the videos on youtube _that I still haven't watched! _, I can't help feeling that this book will have a welcoming niche on Austen nerds! Like MYSELF!! lol
It was so good, to see Lizzie in a modern habitat, not longer confined to nineteenth century society and its restrict rules!
To see Charlotte achieving her full potential without having to_______you know!! Although the unforgettable Mr. Collins does appears on the novel... and yes, he is his same old self!

Mrs Bennet, continues as loud and persistent as ever, when it comes to all things related to her daughters' love lives.
Mr. Bennet continues to be the sane voice in the household, although he continues to be his clueless self when it comes to money!
Lydia, aka a force of nature, has in Kitty (her cat... no, I AM NOT kidding! lol) a loving pet, and in Mary (the cousin) a strong support.
Jane, good old Jane, and happy "old" Bing, couldn't help but appear... and I kept hoping that she would give him the boot. I knowwww!
I am such a romantic person! ;)
And then there's Darcy... *.*
(who definitely isn't a Colin Firth :(    )

I loved the fact that these characters' personalities were so respected in this novel.
I would have loved however, if the authors hadn't resorted so much to the telling _with the occasional letter inserted _ instead of showing, because there were some scenes _like Darcy's proposal _ that would have been stronger had we "seen them" live and direct, if you know what I mean.

And, since this was a retelling, I would have liked to have been given a little more Darcy time!
Mostly because the interactions between Lizzie and him are so few, _and being most of them told _ that if they weren't Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, we would be a little surprised at where their love had come from...
But besides this small nitpick, I really enjoyed reading this story, and I think that everyone with a little sense of humour will love it as well.

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