Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Under A Blood Moon by Jean Haus

This is not the first book I've read by this author. A couple of months ago I also read Snow Blood and Envy, and fell completely in love with it.

In Under a Blood Moon, we have another retelling, this one vaguely inspired in the Red Riding Hood tale:
_There's a girl...
_There's a grandmother...
_There's a wolf...

Margot is a seventeen year old girl who has had to grow up beyond her years.

Living with her less than stable mother, Margot doesn't know what it is like to have a normal live. Friends and family are an alien concept to her. Something that she has come to terms with.

Now, after another one of her mother's decisions to move somewhere herself, Margot finds herself in Michigan where she encounters a grandmother and an uncle.
Maybe this time they will settle there... maybe things will work out...
“You don’t need to be fixed. You just need help,” I nearly whisper.
After saving a boy in the forest, Margot finds herself  being drawn to Ethan due to his charisma and attention...
But, is she just another girl to him?
 "Even Ethan and Margot are gone. We’re just a boy and girl. Shadows under strings lights on a cool autumn night. Lost in the wanting between our mouths."

Being this a YA novel, it is always a good thing when characters are mostly represented as sane people ;)
 Margot and Ethan are characters such as those.
The romance sounded believable, and both of them were perfectly characterized.

In Margot's case she may feel she is becoming attracted to Ethan, but that doesn't mean that the rest of the world, and all her future decisions will focus around the guy.

When it came to telling the story, I felt that the author managed a really good balance between an "apparently typical" YA novel, and a contemporary thriller... without forgetting the fantasy aspect.

I was always very aware of the danger that was lurking in the background... in fact I was constantly waiting for disasters to strike!
And when they do, there's blood and gore aplenty...

Also, it was refreshing to read a story in which becoming a wolf or a werewolf wasn't romanticized! O_o
Carnivore for the rest of your life... and let's not even mention the cannibalistic tendencies :/
Prone to mood moon swings..
Also, can we objectively speak about all that fur?
Because I don't know if Advantix works on wolfs...

Although some of the twists were predictable, the scenes and action involved more than compensate for that.
The ones that weren't, were creepy and oppressive, a verified psychological thriller in the making.

 I must say that the author nailed the setting perfectly.
The writing is pretty good and to the point, making this tale an interesting and different Red Riding Hood retelling...

Come and meet the girl in the woods. 
You'll meet the family: The granny... the uncle...
 The wolf.
Maybe you'll even survive to tell the tale...

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