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Clariel ( The Lost Abhorsen, Book #4 Old Kingdom series) by Garth Nix

Arc provided by Harper Collins through Edelweiss

It was my intention to re-read the previous books of this "Old Kingdom" series, before picking this one up.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the necessary time to do it, and I only got to read about half of the first book, Sabriel, before starting on this one.
And although I do still like Sabriel, I am afraid that time seems to have diluted my love for this series. :/
The writing never seemed to "flow"...

I read Sabriel for the first time ever, almost twelve years ago, and I loved it!
But many reads have come and gone since then, and I am afraid that my memory was being kinder compared to the actual reality of what I read.
This is not to say that I don't like it anymore.
I do!

I like the world the author created, and this story helped make things a little clearer about the relationship between Abhorsen's Free Magic elements and Mogget.
But although I may like the world in which the stories take place, this one ended up being extremely hard to read! In fact the only reason I finished it was out of love for the series.
That, and because Mogget appears in all his sarcastic, interesting, glory!

That is not to say that this is a bad book... it definitely isn't!
 The problem is that I ended up having to force myself to finish it.

The beginning was awfully slow, and the main character has you "headdesking" and "face-palming" constantly!

Clariel is boring, uninteresting, basically a disaster waiting to happen, and she spends the majority of the story constantly saying how much she wants to go and live by herself in the Great Forest!
I am not exaggerating, she's constantly whining about it.

Look at the book cover: Do you see what is written there?

A passion thwarted will often go astray

Her passion is to live alone in the Great Forest... so when life leads her to another path, she manages to f**** up on a colossal scale! (sorry, but I can't remember another word to describe the level of idiotic moves she makes!)
In fact she could be nominated for the "most stupid character ever created" in the 2014 book awards.
So, it doesn't come as a surprise what her future turns out to be, does it?
Do I care than she turns out to be the big bad villain in the previously published books?
Does it surprise me?

A thing that I can't help but mention is that the author takes great pains in developing an asexual character.
We are told that Clariel has had sexual relations in the past, but that in the end she didn't find herself particularly interested in the thing, lol, and that she also isn't interested in women...
*deep breath*

Who cares?
 I am just reading this for the plot, and although these stories have what you can consider YA characters, I never found these stories YA per se... so comments like these just end up being superfluous to the story.
We all know that it is possible to read an interesting book without said book having to had a romance in it!

I don't know, this made me remember a comment that Sabriel makes in her own book, when she says that she's not interested in Touchstone in that way, and that sex is a complication and blah, blah... and I was like:  
But why would the author feel the need to say this?

I hadn't felt anything going on between them in the first place! She only kissed him because the guy was made out of wood _literally _ and she was trying to break the spell!!
Ah... long story... and back to Clariel...

Garth Nix should really skip these "out of the blue" romances: In this one there's a character that all of a sudden finds himself... I don't know... attracted, in love... in lust with Clariel?
Which ended up being pretty much pathetic, because once again it comes out of nowhere, and I just couldn't help feeling that it only existed so that Clariel could be all: Dude, I don't care about that sort of thing! I JUST WANT TO GO INTO THE GREAT FOREST ALL BY MYSELF!!
Fine girl, GO!! ~ I can't hear you anymore~

To finish this up, I also have to mention another aspect that I really found annoying:
 Clariel is just unbelievably clueless about everything!
Of course this just creates the perfect setting for all the disasters that she is about to commit!
Like I said: One perfect disaster just waiting to happen...

Bottom Line: Ignorance is not a blessing, and ends up being very annoying to read about!
Oh, and did you know that there is going to be another Abhorsen book, this one following Nicholas and Lirael story?

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