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Otherworld Nights: An Anthology by Kelley Armstrong

Arc provided by Plume- Penguin Group through Netgalley

Release Date: September 28

A satisfying collection of shorts and novellas for those of us who miss The Women Of The Otherworld series, and its characters.

Demonology (3 Stars)

I really have a problem with the short stories I like... I always find them too short!
This one is about Talia and her son Adam. In this novel, Adam is eight years old, and his powers are just starting to arise. Of course neither him or his mother know about this, so the kid is facing some hard times. At least until Robert Vasic appears..
This ended up being a re-read, since I had already read it online.

Twilight  (4 Stars)

This is a story about Cassandra, the vampire. *yes, the shock! ;)*
I loved this one. Which is curious, because when she first appeared on the series _ remember what she pulled with Clay? _ I pretty much hated her on "sight"!
With this short we finally see through Cassandra's eyes what she is going through, and why she is acting the way she is, in her old age.
And no I am not being sarcastic here, Cassandra is really in the twilight of her life...
Also, I appreciated finally learning why she did what she did to Nathan all those years ago.
Makes me hope for a full length book of these two.
"Another life taken. Another year to live."

Also, how the author refers to this title:
"Next is “Twilight,” my unfortunately titled Cassandra story from Many Bloody Returns."

Stalked (3 stars)

An interesting story that takes place during Clay's and Elena's honeymoon.
And by interesting what I really meant to say, is that those two psychos couldn't be more perfect for one another!!
“It was special. I was stalked, chased, attacked . . . and I got to beat the crap out of a mutt twice my size.” She bent further, lips brushing mine. “A truly unique honeymoon from a truly unique husband.”

Chivalrous (4 Stars)
I have read all the novels in the "women of the otherworld" series, but I confess that I had forgotten completely about Reese. This is the story of what happened to him and to his parents, and why he's on the run.
I am suspicious of my own shadow, so I can't say that what happens in the end surprised me all that much, but it was very well done.
"Run until he was ready to go back. Until he was ready to take revenge. One day, he would be. No matter what it took, one day, he’d be ready."

Lucifer's Daughter (4 Stars)

Yes, well, with a title such as this, it could only refer to Hope's story.
Hope and Karl are probably my favourite couple of this series. This means that I almost had a heart attack while reading Thirteen :/
In this one, Karl and Hope go out for a night at a Museum, but things end up being a lot more complicated that simply watching ancient artefacts and making boring chit-chat.
A lesson to all wanna be thieves: Do NOT touch ANYTHING!!
“Um, you saw what you’d be getting yourself into, right?”
“Let’s see . . . High-society in-laws on one side. The Prince of Darkness on the other. A demon princess for a wife. A lifetime of chaos and general anarchy. Is that what I want?” He met my gaze.

Hidden (4 stars)

This novella features Clay, Elena and the twins. Other members of the pack also make an appearence.
So the family is getting ready to celebrate Christmas when they find out that there could be a man-eater on the lose. Clay and Elena will now have to conciliate parenthood with tracking a killer..the thing is that their kids (their four year old precocious kids) have started having some ideas, and they wont give up _Kate _ until they have some answers.
"I’d done the right thing. Maybe I should have done it sooner. I don’t know. Didn’t matter. But it was done now and everything was fine."

From Russia With Love (3.5 Stars)

This is a short that first appeared in the end of the book "Thirteen".
This time the pack comes together in search of new beginnings.
“That’s not why she wants us gone,” Kate said. “She doesn’t want us watching if she needs to hit you.” She lowered her voice.
“It’s okay, Mom. He deserves it.”
“Definitely Clayton’s progeny.”

Vanishing Act (4 Stars)

This novella features Adam, Savannah, Paige and Lucas.
A supernatural teen is being hunted by the cabals, and Savannah's brother may have the solution for the case...
I confess that I liked to "hear" Sean talk about his "project": Readers who have read the author's previous ya series should still remember what happened to all those characters, and how a solution was arranged.

I must confess that I wasn't happy with it at the time. I would have preferred a different scenario. One that didn't feel so...constrained.
However reading this, allowed me to realize that maybe I wasn't considering other factors:
Like spending a whole life on the run..

We also get a little bit of romantic drama _just a tiny little bit ;) _  between Savannah and Adam, because after all the time they've known each other, apparently they still don't know how to talk to one another!
Deus! *this  means God!*
"Nothing’s holding me back. This is just what I want. What I’m happy with.”
“That’s all anyone cares about, Savannah.”

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