Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Burning Girl (The Hollows #2) by Lisa Unger

Arc provided by Pocket Books through Netgalley

Release date: November 25th

A good follow up to Whispers, "the burning girl" takes place ten years after the events of the first short story.

A thing that you won't find in these stories is any resemblance to the TV series "Ghost whisperer"...just in case someone is thinking about it ~which may...or may not, have happened to me~
There's no talking with ghosts in this series. No semblance of an HEA in the end of an episode.

In fact, this short, manages to be even darker and sadder than the first short.

Eloise still hasn't managed to let go of her pain, and the whole business of occasionally being able to help people through her visions, sits like a heavy burden on her shoulders.

She has a friend to whom she can turn to, and someone who likes her, but she has become estranged from her daughter, and all the visions she keeps having, just keep draining her.

And then a child appears. An angry girl, the burning girl...

I was really invested in this storyline!
It was creepy, and scary, and I was looking forward in seeing what was going to happen!
Which I guess was naive of me, because these stories are not that type....
You know...the type that gets solved with a pretty bow on top?
Despite that, I am still looking forward in reading the third short story ( The Three Sisters) that will be released in January.

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