Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Duke Is Mine (Fairy Tales #3) by Eloisa James


To say that I am disappointed with this book would be putting it mildly.
When to that one adds the fact that author Eloisa James is or better yet, used to be one of my favourite writers, let's just say that this was a bloody disaster!

What happened with this story? o_O

What happened to the author who used to know how to create interesting characters, and deliver the perfect witty remarks?
Because I didn't find that person in this... thing. :/

Unfortunately for me, this book sounded like a stupid farce.
(But wait, according to a lovely post from the author a couple months ago, it is not the stories which are stupid... guess who is? The readers of course!!)

I'll give you an example:
There's this scene on chapter five, that is just... unbelievable. In a sad, pathetic way.
Humiliating a person who has mental problems is not my idea of appropriate laughable material.

But, what do I know?
I am obviously stupid.

I am aware that reading a romance involves placing reality on hold, but this was just... stupidity galore!

For most of her 23 years Miss Olivia Lytton has been raised to be a proper duchess.
To achieve "duchification".

But since her fiancée is determined to achieve glory for his family name_ never-mind the fact that the battle is taking place in Spain, and that Rupert is being sent to Portugal for obvious security issues,_ both their parents agree that Olivia and Rupert should just skip marriage, and proceed with trying to produce an heir immediately, on the Lytton's library.

It is not as if those thing mattered back then... right?
Wait! I know! Maybe this was some type of dystopian Regency!! ;)
*for dummies* cough

And then there's Tarquin, "the powerful duke of Sconce" who never sounded "powerful" at all. Poor guy...

What he did sound like was... someone dominated by his mother! o_O
 I didn't find him interesting.

Yes, I just found her extremely annoying.

And the final part was just... absurd, ridiculous, insane!
Please tell me she smoked something! *on a daily basis*

What was Olivia doing going back and forth to France? In THE MIDDLE OF A WAR?? WITH THE DOG??
Honestly I was more concerned about the pooch than I was about that brainless idiot!

Buy ( If you must...):

There's also the mass market edition which is of course cheaper... and used books... an used book is a good option for this story!
When you throw it against the wall, at least it wasn't expensive...

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