Friday, 14 November 2014

Bonkers by Michelle Holman

I had a great time reading this book! :)

Despite it's "outlandish" plot that ends up being developed in a contemporary romance setting _ always a tricky thing _ the author was able to tell an original story _okay, there was the Drop Dead Diva TV series that starts with basically the same premise..but apparently this book was released in 2008, so you do the math.. _ without crossing the borders into the "cheesy land" or the "borderline ridicule" path.

There's acclaimed authors whose works I love _okay...normally love  _ but when they try to mix some sort of fantasy aspect, with a contemporary setting...for me, they just crash and burn!

This was definitely not the case with Michelle Holman's story!
With a great cast of characters _ amazing really! _ and with emotions running wild, this is a great story about family and what would happen if we were given a second chance to live...but in another body, and with a completely different life. But never forgetting the life, and the family we left behind...

I honestly wasn't expecting it, but this story sure left me teary- eyed in quite a few moments:
The relationship and the bonds between Lisa and her family are extremely well done, and in the end, the only thing that would have made me enjoy this story even more, would probably have been if Lisa's and Dan's interest in one another, had taken a little more time to develop.

The writing does it's job....although it can be a little too descriptive at times, like when Dan is thinking about Linda, and we get a whole lot of outfits descriptions!
So yes, I wasn't crazy about the writing style, but despite that, the story is definitely worth reading.

I would love nothing else than to share some phrases with you guys, but I read the Portuguese version, and I am afraid that by translating it back to English, I might inadvertently change the original writing!

Bottom Line: A story that I really liked reading. It kept me up until five in the morning ...and I would love to read the "sequel" to this story, now with a different set of characters: Barefoot

I can only hope that the Portuguese Publishing House, Quinta Essência, will publish the sequel as well, because I have the inkling, that an original Harper Collins New Zealand edition will be way too expensive! :(

My suggestion guys?
Learn Portuguese! That way you can buy and read this edition which is way less expensive! :)
Do Céu, Com Amor 
(translated title: From the Sky with Love) published by Quinta Essência, 2013

Buy " Bonkers" (Currently unavailable :/)

Here: AwesomeBooks has a used edition.

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