Sunday, 9 November 2014

Buried Above Ground ( A Nightspell Novella) by Leah Cypess

This is a companion novella to the novel Nightspell, which I've read when it was released a couple years back. So, as you can imagine, my memory of it is far from perfect.

However  I do remember the strange cohabitation between the living _probably not for long! _ and the dead, as one of the most important aspects of the plot.
What happens in that realm in which the story takes place, is that, if you're murdered there...get ready to come back _mostly asap _ as a ghost in order to seek your revenge.
Quick and effectively.
The thing with those ghosts, is that they end up "living an existence" that finds itself precariously standing, between the dead and the living.

 You see the ghosts can take a solid physical shape.
They don't have to eat...but they can do it.

This means that at times, the dead are mistaken for the living. And, in a place where turning your back to someone may signify your eminent demise _ not to mention your lack of wisdom _, things have a tendency to complicate themselves in the blink of an eye.

Meet Emilie:
 A second ago she was alive.
Now she isn't.
But her ghost is more than ready for revenge, and to strike the one who assassinated her. Only so, will she have a "true" death.
But in court, things aren't as they seem, and enemies wear a lot of masks....

With a good pace and a captivating writing, the author was able to take me to the middle of the "Nightspell" world, as if it had been yesterday that I had read the previous novel. Which I definitely need to re-read.
As soon as I've got the time.

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