Monday, 3 November 2014

Cracked (Soul Eater #1) by Eliza Crewe

My thoughts are somewhat addled at the appears that my brain cells are otherwise occupied doing the macarena, and jumping up and down while screaming:


Things in which this book rocks!
A crazy confident , somewhat evil let's call her morally ambiguous main character shall we, that possesses the quirky habit of devouring souls!

Meda is by far, the most bad ass YA character that I've ever had the pleasure of reading about. 
She doesn't have any existential "woes are on me" type of teenage drama going on, which turns her into quite a refreshing and not prone to BS type of character.
And she's a dark humour take no prisoners kind of way :)

"But right now, I’m all she has and as her murderer trumps down the hall she looks to me for comfort.
I give it a shot. “Relax,” I whisper. “You’re already dead.”
Her eyes fill with tears and I roll mine. Ghosts.

Okay, sometimes maybe eventually in a non diplomatic way, but she's a DEMON! Cut her some slack!
Even her "evilness" comes out as hilarious!
 In fact she could win the award "Most lovable if she doesn't kill you first due to the outrage literary teenage demon"
It was great...sometimes in a gory kind of way, yes. But it never becomes boring.
It's all about the metaphors ;)

I jerk him from the corner, popping him free like a hermit crab from its shell, and he comes apart in my hands. So easily. Imagine a child at their first birthday.
He is the cake.

Add two sidekicks that are so perfectly characterized, that one can't help falling for them, and you'll find yourself reading a wonderfully addictive fast paced story.

Malachi (Chi) and Jo, are wonderful in all their bickering and resentment towards one another, while simultaneously providing a constant source of diversion entertainment, to our friend Meda the friendly soul sucking demon.
What can one say?
A girl demon has to have some fun.

The plot
A world in which the Templars are still a functioning force determined in fighting against Evil, aka Demons?
Hell, yeah!
A really good concept, with bigger than life characters, supported by just the right writing style.
It was precise and to the point, and perfect in giving Meda (Andromeda!! Ehehehe) a life of her own.
Definitely recommended...that is, if you still haven't read it.

This means that yes, I will be starting Crushed, the sequel, as soon as possible.
Happy reading! ;)

Buy " Cracked" ( Bookdepository has two editions on sale, so you might want to check that out) (this is the one I have...the less expensive one :)

This title was published by Strange Chemistry, which no longer exists, so if you're interested in buying a paperback edition, the time for that is probably running short.

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