Monday, 24 November 2014

In The Mail...

I have been very good _ in a very boring bookish way o_O _ in the sense that only after reading some amazing arcs, do I order my own very paperback copy!
If I can get it :/
Amazon is not really an option for me, so if Bookdepository doesn't sell it, most likely I won't be able to buy it.
But not in this case.
I had searched for this book on the BD data base, I didn't find it, and unexpectedly a Portuguese online book-store _ Wook_ apparently had it ...and voila, they were really able to get it _ no, I don't have any publicity contract with the guys! :) _ and here it is, today in my all it's beautiful cover design..glory!

My review of this anthology Wishes and Sorrows.

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